Fujian Zhangpu Liu'ao offshore wind farm project started

Seetao 2023-02-06 08:33
  • In recent years, China's offshore wind power has developed rapidly and its installed capacity continues to be the largest in the world
  • The offshore wind power industry is gradually advancing towards the high-power and far-reaching sea
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On February 4, 2023, the construction of the second phase of the Liu'ao offshore wind farm project in Zhangpu, Fujian began. This is the first project in China to adopt 16 MW and above large-capacity offshore wind turbines in batches.

Project overview

The project is located in the offshore sea area on the southeast side of the Liu'ao Peninsula in Zhangpu, with a site area of about 22.9 square kilometers. It is the first offshore wind farm project in southern Fujian and the first offshore wind turbine project with a single unit capacity of 16 megawatts in batch application in China. The total investment of the project is nearly 6 billion yuan. The total design installed capacity is 400 megawatts. After the project is put into operation, the annual on-grid power can exceed 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours. The project is planned to complete the first batch of unit grid-connected power generation by the end of August 2023.

This project is the first demonstration and leading project for the Three Gorges Group to deepen industrial cooperation with Fujian Province and explore the development and construction of a large offshore wind power base in southern Fujian. It is of great significance for Fujian's offshore wind power to move into the deep ocean, build a large offshore wind power base in southern Fujian, promote the gathering of hundreds of billions of supporting industries, and maintain Fujian's offshore wind power industry to continue to lead China and even the world.Editor/Ma Xue