Thanks to Chinese doctors for bringing hope to Papua New Guineans!
Seetao 2023-02-07 15:29
  • By the end of 2022, 12 batches of 120 medical team members have supported Papua New Guinea
  • At the same time, nearly 9,000 operations were carried out, about 5,000 local medical staff were trained, and more than 450 new technologies were developed
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Since 2002, China has sent the first batch of medical teams to Papua New Guinea and started working in Port Moresby General Hospital. By the end of 2022, there have been 12 batches of 120 medical teams supporting Papua New Guinea, and a total of 130,000 patients have been treated. nearly 9,000 operations were performed, about 5,000 local medical staff were trained, and more than 450 new technologies were developed.

Joy Truss, a Papua New Guinea woman, was discharged from the hospital with her child who had survived the crisis. With tears in her eyes, she was so excited that she gave a big hug to Liu Zhenqiu, a pediatrician of the Chinese Medical Team to Papua New Guinea. Chinese doctors have created miracles, thank you Chinese doctors!

Liu Zhenqiu encountered a premature baby with dyspnea during a round of the ward. Although he was hospitalized for more than a month, he had not received a diagnosis and targeted treatment. Seeing that the child was in a critical condition, Truss was very anxious and looked at the doctor pleadingly... This scene touched Liu Zhenqiu. He then started a case discussion with a local doctor, combined with his years of experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of newborns, and gave a preliminary diagnosis - bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature infants. On this basis, he combined auxiliary examinations to further clarify the diagnosis and quickly formulated a feasible treatment plan. Under Liu Zhenqiu's careful treatment, after 3 weeks, the child's condition gradually improved, his weight increased significantly, and he was finally discharged from the hospital in good health.

This is just one of the thousands of lives saved by the Chinese medical team to Papua New Guinea over the past 20 years. Morumi, CEO of Port Moresby General Hospital in Papua New Guinea, said that since 2002, China has sent the first batch of medical teams to Papua New Guinea and started working in Port Moresby General Hospital.

In late July 2022, the twelfth Chinese medical team to Papua New Guinea began its one-year foreign aid work there. Chinese medicine practitioner Liu Hongbo saw a 58-year-old patient, Lori Wala, on his first day at work. Vala suffered a stroke a few months ago, resulting in hemiplegia on one side of her limbs and making it difficult for her to walk. After repeated local treatments to no avail, she came to the Chinese medical team admiringly. After two months of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment by Liu Hongbo, Vala's symptoms improved significantly, and she was able to walk independently and take care of herself completely.

Chen Gang, the leader of the medical team, said in an interview with reporters that PNG has a population of more than 9 million, and there are only more than 50 beds in the intensive care unit. The number of doctors per 10,000 people is 0.7, which is far lower than the world average of 22. In addition, Papua New Guinea has frequent power outages, causing damage to important medical equipment such as CT machines and nuclear magnetic resonance machines. Although Port Moresby General Hospital has 8 backup generators, the aging of the equipment prevents it from meeting normal medical needs. For this reason, in addition to treating diseases and saving lives, the Chinese medical team also donated medical equipment, equipment and medicines to Papua New Guinea in order to support the development of Papua New Guinea's health care, improve the level of medical care, and use practical actions to profoundly interpret the fear of hardship, dedication, and life-saving and healing the wounded. , The spirit of the Chinese medical team with boundless love. Editor/He Yuting


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