Yebatan Hybrid Pumped Storage Power Station passed the review

Seetao 2023-03-01 09:47
  • Yebatan pumped storage power station plans to install 18 reversible units with a single unit of 250 MW
  • The power station is mainly for power generation, and also has comprehensive functions such as flood control, environmental protection, water and soil conservation, and tourism development
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Recently, the survey and design of the world's largest installed pumped storage project - Yebatan Hybrid Pumped Storage Power Station, which was surveyed and designed by China Power Construction Capital Research Institute, passed the review.

The special topics include the main research results of "The Special Report on the Selection of Installed Capacity and Characteristic Water Level", "The Special Report on the Study of Hub Layout Pattern" and "The Special Report on the Construction General Layout Planning". The review experts believe that the report content and work depth meet the preparation requirements of the feasibility study stage. Chengdu Research Institute completed the compilation with high quality in a short period of time, demonstrating its technical level and ability to perform contracts in this field.

Yebatan Pumped Storage Power Station

According to reports, the Yebatan pumped storage power station is one of the key pumped storage projects included in the 14th Five-Year Plan of the "Sichuan Provincial Power Grid Planning". It is located on the main stream of the Jinsha River between Baiyu County, Sichuan Province and Gongjue County, Tibet Autonomous Region. The reservoir of Yebatan Hydropower Station is the upper reservoir, and the reservoir of Lawa Hydropower Station is the lower reservoir. It is a pumped storage power station with weekly regulation.

Yebatan Power Station has an installed capacity of 4,500 MW and 18 reversible units of 250 MW per unit. It has the largest installed capacity in the world, the largest number of units, the largest distance-to-height ratio, the largest size of pressure pipes and steel branch pipes, and the cavern group effect. The most notable pumped-storage power station has surpassed existing projects in many indicators. It is the first pumped-storage power station in China built with two seasonally regulating reservoirs as the upper and lower reservoirs.

The construction of Yebatan Power Station is conducive to improving the safety and stability of power supply. It can drive the development and consumption of about 12 million kilowatts of photovoltaic resources in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River Base, and increase the average annual power output of the Jinshang Base by about 18 billion kWh. Editor/He Yuting