The core module of the Canadian LNG project undertaken by CNOOC was delivered

Seetao 2023-03-09 11:46
  • The first phase of the project plans to build 2 production lines with an annual output of 14 million tons of LNG
  • It is reported that the Canadian LNG project is a world-class LNG project jointly invested and constructed by Shell and other five major international oil companies in the world
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On March 7, 2023, the delivery of the last two core modules of the Canadian LNG project undertaken by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. The AWP (Advanced Work Package) special award awarded by the association recognizes the outstanding innovation achievements in the whole process of project dataization, digitalization, and 4D visualization application management, marking the world's first integrated LNG plant undertaken by the company35 All modules have been delivered, and my country's ultra-large LNG modular plant integrated joint construction technology capabilities are at the forefront of the world.

According to Zhuang Hongchang, Canadian LNG project manager, COOEC undertook the construction of 35 modules in the first phase of the Canadian LNG project, including all 19 core process modules, consisting of more than 770,000 structural parts, with a total weight of about 179,000 tons, equivalent to The weight of the steel structure of nearly three Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and the total length of the cables are 1,270 kilometers, which can circle the Beijing Sixth Ring Road nearly seven times. The project is the world's first integrated construction mode of core process modules and pipe racks, which greatly improves the integration of module construction and minimizes the workload of on-site installation. On the one hand, it can save the floor area of the construction site and improve economic benefits. Protection also has clear advantages.

It is understood that the Canadian LNG project is large in size, heavy in module weight, and highly integrated. The largest module weighs more than 8,200 tons, which exceeds the total weight of the steel structure of the Eiffel Tower. It is equipped with 283 large-scale equipment, 33 modules are assembled at the same time during the peak period, nearly 8,000 construction personnel, more than 130,000 construction management units are involved, and 127 suppliers from 12 countries are involved.

According to Liu Kai, the executive deputy manager of the Canadian LNG project, the project carried out comprehensive technological and management innovations, realized the large-scale engineering application of the new NBG (no back shielding gas) welding process for the first time in the world, and pioneered the realization of CMS (Construction Management System) + PCMS ( Project management system) dual-system joint management, the first time in China to apply 4D visualization technology to the construction of LNG core process modules, and complete SPMT (self-propelled module transport vehicle) jacking assembly, large-scale structure hoisting, double-precision dimensional control, central control cloud More than 10 technological innovations, such as commissioning and process system degreasing, have greatly improved the level of digital and visualized construction technology and project management efficiency, and completed the delivery of all modules with high quality on schedule under the severe epidemic situation, showing the "China Speed" to the world. The project takes "zero defect" as the quality goal. Through the comprehensive and whole-process quality management of all employees, the quality pass rate of all items exceeds the requirements of the owner's specification. The positioning accuracy of static equipment is 3 mm, and the soft foot test accuracy of dynamic equipment is 0.03 mm. Reach the world advanced level.

It is reported that during the implementation of the Canadian LNG project, COOEC actively promoted the localization of the project by recommending domestic manufacturers, leading the owners to inspect the manufacturers, inviting authoritative certification from international third-party organizations, etc., to achieve the overall localization rate of the main materials of the project Reaching more than 65%, more than 60 Chinese manufacturers "going out" with COOEC.Editor/Ma Xue