Sany Heavy Energy Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park started construction

Seetao 2023-03-10 10:30
  • The project manufactures domestically leading 10MW+ onshore wind turbines and 110m+ ultra-long onshore wind turbine blades
  • Sany Balikol Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will be completed and put into operation in December 2023
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On March 9, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony of Sany Heavy Energy (Balikun) Large-MW Intelligent Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park was held in Balikun County, Hami City, Xinjiang.

Yu Liangwei, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Energy and general manager of the marketing company, said that Hami has abundant wind resources and excellent endowment, and has unique advantages in developing the wind power industry. Since the start of the project, the leaders of all parties have attached great importance to it, which has promoted the successful implementation of the project. This project is not only the first step in the cooperation between Sany Heavy Energy and the Hami Municipal Government, but also the first step in a series of plans for Sany to invest in Hami. It is believed that with the trust and strong support of Hami Municipal Government and Barkol County Government, Sande will take root in Hami, develop vigorously, and strive to contribute a leading enterprise and an iconic brand to Hami.

At the ceremony, Peng Xu, deputy general manager and chief digital officer of Sany Heavy Energy, focused on the construction plan of the industrial park. Sany Heavy Energy (Balikun) Large-megawatt Intelligent Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park covers an area of 675 acres, with a project investment of nearly 1.5 billion yuan. Wind power blades are Sany Heavy Energy's important production base for large-megawatt wind power main engines and ultra-long blades in Xinjiang. The industrial park has made full efforts in production line automation, equipment integration, production intelligence, operation visualization, and digital operation, and will be built into a comprehensive factory of "final assembly + blades" for smart large-megawatt wind turbines.

It is reported that the Sany Balikol Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will be completed and put into operation in December 2023. After completion, it can achieve an annual output of 400 wind power hosts, 1,200 blades, an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, and more than 600 jobs. Sany Heavy Energy will strive to build a world-leading wind power zero-carbon industrial park with "best quality, highest efficiency, best cost, shortest delivery time, green low-carbon, safety and environmental protection". Help Xinjiang's green development and make positive contributions to the national "double carbon" goal.Editor/Ma Xue