Hangzhou Yuncheng will open 15 municipal projects

Seetao 2023-03-10 16:04
  • Yuncheng's 15 municipal engineering involves complexes, roads, civic parks, etc., with a total investment of 14.3 billion yuan
  • After the completion of these projects, it will greatly improve the construction of infrastructure, open the city framework, and improve the quality of the western station hub
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Recently, a total of 15 projects on the Two River and One Park of the Yuncheng Core District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and a total of 15 projects on the two streets of the two river parks and Tenth Road. According to reports, the total investment of these projects is 14.3 billion yuan, and construction will be started in 2023. One of the parks, the first phase of Yunmen Park, located in the southern area of Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub Station, is expected to start at the end of 2023, becoming the first gun to start the construction of the CBD ecological and cultural axis of Yuncheng Hangzhou City.

From Jianzhan to Jiancheng

In 2023, the Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report proposed to accelerate the improvement of the innovation source of the city and Western Conference Corridor and the construction of the third center of the city. It is reported that 2023 is the year when Yuncheng's full shift from the construction station to Jiancheng. In the future, it will focus on creating a cbd ecological cultural axis and a headquarters of a science and technology enterprise headquarters. At the southern end of the cbd ecological culture axis in the west of the city.

The CBD ecological culture axis in Hangzhou West is located on the core of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, on both sides of the Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub, Wudshan Wudshan in the north, and the Yuhangtang River in the ancient Canal in the south. The huge urban park.

The entire axis planned the overall landscape structure of the two districts and the eight scenic spots in Shuanghu, which will create eight scenic spots in the clouds such as greening, Hangxi Cloud Eyes, etc., and combines water buses, cloud rails, cycling lanes, runways, slow lanes, and slow lanes. Wait for multiple transportation methods.

The southern area of the ecological cultural axis is mainly Yunmen Park. The cultural valley, Le Chao Valley, Chuangzhi Valley, and Potal Valley are planned in the park. Multiple public service projects will continue to expand north in the future. After completion, you can participate in art exhibitions, outdoor activities, concerts ...

From the road network to the river network

In addition to the first phase of Yunmen Park, Lianghe and One Park and Tenth Road and Two Road also include Qiaocun Ganghe, Qianqianqiao Port River, Qingyun Avenue, Yunmen Street, Golden Star Road, Venus Second Road, EMUs, and EMUs The supporting road projects of the surrounding branch roads, Yunmen's future community implementation units, underground roads in North Complex, Underground Road in the South Complex, Liangmu Road, Zhongcheng Street, Yunmen Community Road, and Chuangming Road South Yan and other municipal engineering projects. It is mainly concentrated in the double -iron upper cover area of Hangzhou West Railway Station and the northwest of Yuncheng.

The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Yuncheng Construction Management Headquarters said that these projects are of great significance to improve the construction of infrastructure, open the city framework, enhance the quality of the western station hub, and strengthen the regional flood prevention capacity. A new round of climax in the city.

On the day of the mobilization ceremony, the project of Donglian Street, the Xinggong Street of Chuangming Road, started the project simultaneously. The project length is about 420 meters. It is a two -way four -lane lane. If you want to drive to the West Railway Station Dongluo Passenger Platform, you can directly reach the elevated station through Chuangming Road.

In addition, after the completion of Yunmen Street and Qingyun Street on both sides of West Railway Station, the completion of the main roads of east -west cities in Qingyun Street, which is also of great significance for accelerating regional development and construction. For example, the Qingyun Street on the north side not only assumes a large number of transit traffic in the ground in Yuncheng, but also becomes the main channel of municipal pipelines such as regional power. The efficient and safe operation of urban political pipelines is of great significance. Edit/He Yuting