Inner Mongolia Wuhai Coking Project is officially launched

Seetao 2023-03-10 17:35
  • Dry to extinguish has significant environmental protection, economic and social benefits
  • The construction project will adopt international first -class focus technology, with a total investment of 4.3 billion yuan
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On March 8, 2023, the 3 million tons/annual coking integrated supporting project No. 1 of the Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd., which was contracting, officially started construction.

Coking integrated upgrade supporting project

According to reports, the red focal heating of more than 80%of the dry extinguisher can be recycled for the production of steam, using recycled steam power generation, no pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides A large amount of phenol, cyanide, and sulfides are polluting atmosphere.

Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. 3 million tons/annual coking integration and upgraded supporting project is located in Wuda Industrial Park in Wuhai Economic Development Zone. The total investment of the project is 4.3 billion yuan. The means, integrated the coking production capacity of the completion of the completion of the Thai and coal coking, De Sheng coal coking, and the Yellow River Energy Technology Group Hai Bay Bay Industrial Park, with a production capacity of 3 million tons. The project adopts 4 × 65-hole JNDX3-6.78 tincture of coking furnace, which is equipped with all-dry methods, gas purification and production recycling device.

After the completion of the project, energy conservation and emission reduction will be greatly reduced to the improvement of local environmental protection levels. Edit/He Yuting