Bauma CHINA 2024 Recruitment is fully launched!

Seetao 2023-03-13 12:01
  • 2024 bauma CHINA is expected to bring together 3000+ global construction machinery leading enterprises
  • As an extension of the German bauma exhibition in China, bauma CHINA will also be based in China and demonstrate the power of the East in the wind of globalization
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Running thunder and driving winter, a thought blooms. If the rain is the snowflakes that melted at the beginning of spring, then the Waking of Insects is the sudden awakening of spring. In early spring and February, the spring wind and rain awakened a piece of vitality, and everything began to grow vigorously.

In February 2023, ISPO Beijing (Asian Sporting Goods and Fashion Exhibition) successfully launched the first shot to restart the large-scale offline exhibition in China, marking the dawn of recovery in the exhibition industry. Shanghai New International Expo Center pressed the restart button for a 19-month pause on March 7, 2023. The offline exhibition set off a retaliatory upsurge of exhibitors and visitors. Everyone was eager to meet, and the energy accumulated for a long time bloomed in spring.

Spring is here, let's embark on a new journey. After a long absence, 2024 bauma CHINA will make its grand debut again! On November 26-29, 2024, the Shanghai New International Expo Center International Construction Machinery Fair will return strongly! Now the 2024 exhibition booking is in full swing, welcome to join us to seize business opportunities!

After the test of the global epidemic in the past three years, the successful holding of bauma 2022 in Germany in 2022 is a milestone for the entire industry, and it has become an important opportunity for practitioners to regain confidence. As a wind vane for the development of the industry, the electrification, intelligence, unmanned driving, and new energy equipment displayed at the exhibition site allow everyone to intuitively foresee the future construction site in the near future.

As an extension of the German bauma exhibition in China, bauma CHINA will also be based in China and demonstrate the power of the East in the wind of globalization.

German bauma 2022 exhibition site

Looking back at the 31 acquisitions in the global construction machinery industry in 2022, 12 are from the field of mining equipment, 8 are related to batteries and related solutions, and 5 are from manufacturers of aerial work equipment and related technologies. From this we can see: in Europe and the United States, the layout of batteries and solutions has become an important collective action of the world's leading companies; the global mining equipment field continues to pick up; Chinese aerial work equipment manufacturers are constantly going deep into the world, especially in Europe, local manufacturers are Through strong alliances, strengthen their own competitiveness.

A new bureau has opened in 2023, and economic development is gradually recovering, so what will happen to the construction machinery industry? What new turning points and opportunities will usher in? We will wait and see.

2024 bauma CHINA is expected to gather 3,000+ global construction machinery leading companies, attract 180,000 visitors from home and abroad, and build a super-large-scale influence of 300,000 square meters with professionalism. At that time, the whole industry chain of construction machinery, mining raw material extraction and processing equipment, building materials machinery, supporting parts and services will be fully displayed.

bauma CHINA past international pavilions

As global business exchanges are back on track, market demand needs to be released urgently. International exhibitors and overseas buyers are also looking forward to the return. The "internationalization" gene of the exhibition will continue to be strengthened!

Superimposed on the strong resources of the global series of exhibitions radiating Europe, Asia, and South America, the previous exhibitions have invited professional visitors from nearly 150 countries and regions to gather together.

In addition to exhibiting independently, overseas exhibitors will also participate in the form of national/international pavilions, including pavilions from Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United States, the European Union and South Korea.

bauma CHINA has built a bridge for Chinese construction machinery companies to communicate with the world, and has also become an important world stage for global new products and cutting-edge technologies to enter the Chinese market. Editor / Zhao E