77 major projects in Yining City, Xinjiang were started

Seetao 2023-03-14 11:43
  • The construction project involves featured tourism, energy and transportation, livelihood security and other fields
  • In 2023, Yining plans to implement 118 state-level key projects, with a total investment of 55.464 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 15.456 billion yuan
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Recently, Yining City, Xinjiang held a centralized commencement ceremony for key projects in 2023. A total of 77 projects have been launched, with an annual planned investment of 10.24 billion yuan, covering municipal infrastructure, characteristic tourism, trade logistics, energy and transportation, ecological restoration, rural water conservancy, livelihood security and other fields, with both economic, social and ecological benefits, and with the characteristics of large investment scale, wide range of fields, and strong pulling capacity, especially social capital The annual planned investment of characteristic industrial projects is more than 8 billion yuan, which is of great significance for Yining City to make up for its weaknesses, optimize its industrial structure and help stabilize its growth.

Lin Pi, manager of the project management department of Yining Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., said that in 2023, Yining Urban Construction Investment Group plans to implement 28 projects, and plans to complete an investment of 1.913 billion yuan within the year, including 16 continuing projects, 5 new projects, and 7 convertible projects in reserve.

The centralized commencement ceremony of the project is a specific measure of Yining City to strengthen the project drive, promote the integration of industry and city, and achieve high-quality development. Since 2023, under the strong leadership of the state party committee and government, Yining City has played a leading role in major projects, planning projects from a high starting point, attracting projects with high quality, and promoting projects with high standards, providing strong support for promoting the effective improvement of quality and reasonable growth of quantity of the economy. Editor/He Yuting