XCMG constantly seeks new breakthroughs centered on customers

Seetao 2023-03-14 11:47
  • Three-axle dump trucks have become the main equipment for open-pit mining in China
  • As a new star in the industry, XCMG mining equipment quickly seized the industry market and successfully entered the mainstream mines in the global mid-to-high-end market
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Efficiency and low cost are the eternal topics in the mining and transportation process, and it is also the direction for global heavy equipment and mining dump truck manufacturers to constantly tackle key problems and deepen their technology acquisition.

Non-highway (mining) dump truck products originated abroad, and have been developed for decades abroad, and the basic technology has been very mature. China began to develop it in the 1970s, and it did not form a certain scale until the 1990s. Up to now, there are dozens of enterprises producing off-highway (mining) dump trucks in batches in my country, including old brands such as North Heavy Duty Truck, Benxi, and Xiangdian, as well as XCMG, Sany, Tongli, and Lingong, which were the first to tackle key problems in this field. and other enterprises.

break the traditional restrictions

With the continuous breakthrough of technology, the three-axle dump truck has been continuously upgraded and improved, and has become the main equipment for domestic open-pit mining. From the structural form, it is divided into wide-body dump truck and three-axle rigid mining dump truck. , better safety, lower maintenance costs and other aspects, the introduction of new technology and new technology breaks the limitation of traditional highway wide-body dump trucks to change height, widen and realize overloading without permission. The three-axle dump truck has better load capacity and higher transportation speed, and its safety has also been improved. At present, the relatively mature brands of Sanqiao mining vehicles in the market are Tongli, XCMG, Lingong, and Sany. They have developed from about 30 tons to about 70 tons. In just a few years, they have fully demonstrated that the mining transportation market can satisfy users. Demand, equipment development trend of large-scale.

It is worth mentioning that XCMG has innovatively developed a brand-new category of mining truck products - the three-axle rigid mining dump truck, which introduces the superior technology of double-axle rigid mining trucks and achieves a rated load of 90-100 tons, meeting the requirements of The mining area requires both efficiency and safety. In addition, the introduction of the mature power transmission system of wide-body dump trucks and economical cost control methods reduces the use cost of the whole vehicle and the difficulty of subsequent mature supporting services, and solves the worries of customers. .

reliable performance

The biggest difference between the XCMG three-bridge rigid mining dump truck and the traditional wide-body mining dump truck is the use of rigid frame + full oil and gas suspension; the box-section frame welded by steel plates and cast steel parts is derived from the rigid mining truck technology. Compared with the riveted channel steel frame of the wide-body vehicle, it is more suitable for off-highway mine working conditions, and the overall stress level is 70% lower than that of the wide-body vehicle industry.

The three-axle full oil-gas suspension system is the most obvious technical feature of XCMG's three-bridge rigid mine car. The oil-gas suspension has a large telescopic stroke, good buffering and vibration reduction performance, and the frame is less impacted by the ground, which improves the life of the frame and reduces the torsional deformation of the frame. , improve the life of the engine and gearbox, reduce maintenance costs, ease the impact, reduce bumps, ensure that the equipment has a good ride comfort, improve the working conditions of the driver, can maintain a high speed operation, and have high operating efficiency.

In the end, the overall performance of the XCMG three-axle mining dump truck can reach 80% of that of the double-axle rigid mining truck, but the cost is less than 50%; although the price of the whole truck is higher than that of a wide-body truck, its performance and reliability are doubled. Therefore, since its listing, XCMG mining equipment has quickly seized the market as an upstart in the industry and successfully entered the mainstream mines in the global mid-to-high-end market.

As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development, mining vehicle manufacturers are also continuously strengthening the research and development of clean energy technology. The market is launching a batch of new models of pure electric and methanol hybrid power, such as XCMG pure electric XDR80TE three Bridge rigid mine car, Sany pure electric SKT90E, etc., have blown a green whirlwind of safety, environmental protection and intelligence in mine construction.Editor/Ma Xue