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350MW! Bid Opening for Longyuan Power Wind Power Project

Seetao 2023-03-15 15:14
  • Heilongjiang Shangzhi Hedong 200MW wind power project plans to install 32 wind turbines with a single-unit capacity of 6MW or more
  • Hengxian Namo 150MW Wind Power Project is an irregular polygon with a maximum width of 8.9km in the north-south direction
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On March 14, 2023, Longyuan Power announced the candidates for the public bidding for the centralized procurement of wind turbines for the first batch of 705MW wind power projects in 2023. This bidding consists of two packages with a total scale of 350MW. Among them: Goldwind Technology pre-won the bid of 200MW, with a bid price of 430 million yuan; electric wind power pre-won the bid of 150MW, with a bid price of 319.5 million yuan.

Package 1: The Heilongjiang Shangzhi East 200MW wind power project site is located in Shangzhi City, Harbin City. It is planned to install 32 wind turbines with a single-unit capacity of 6MW or more. The bid evaluation price is calculated according to 200MW; the project plans to build a 220kV step-up station, and the planned main transformer capacity is 2×100MVA, which will be completed at one time in this phase. After boosted by the export transformer, the wind turbine is connected to the 35kV bus of the step-up station, and after being boosted by the main transformer, it is connected to the system through a 220kV line.

Package 6: Hengxian Namo 150MW Wind Power Project is located in Liujing Town, Hengxian County, Nanning City, Guangxi. Heng County is located in the southeast of Guangxi, east of Nanning City. The straight-line distance from the site to Hengxian County is about 50.1km, and the straight-line distance to Nanning City is about 51.1km. The G72 Liunan Expressway is about 6.2km away from the southeast side of the site. There are many rural roads leading to the site, and the external transportation is convenient. The Namo wind farm is generally distributed in an irregular polygon shape. The widest north-south direction of the site is about 8.9km, the longest is about 10.7km from east to west, and the total area is about 83km2. The elevation of the site is between 150-300m, and the relative height difference is 150m. , generally belongs to low mountain and hilly landform.Editor / He Yurong