China Railway 14th Bureau newly signed Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador
Seetao 2023-03-15 16:01
  • The winning bid is the secondary repair project of the Zamora Bridge in Ecuador after the earthquake
  • The signing of this contract is the fourth time that China Railway 14th Bureau has won the bid in Mirador Copper Mine since 2023
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China Railway 14th Bureau Group has signed construction contracts several times since entering the Ecuadorian copper mine market. Recently, China Railway 14th Bureau Group Overseas Company and the owner of the Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador signed a construction contract for the secondary repair project of the Zamora Bridge after the earthquake.

Project Overview

The Zamora Bridge is located in Zamora-Chinchipe Province in southeastern Ecuador. It connects the external road of the mining area and the E45 highway, and crosses the Zamora River. It is the only river-crossing channel leading to the outside of the Mirador Copper Mine Area. There is a lot of traffic. The bridge is 243.5 meters long and designed as two-way two-lane traffic. The total width of the bridge deck is 11.6 meters and weighs about 12,900 tons.

Due to the impact of the strong earthquake, the lower structure of the bridge was damaged, and the bridge needs to be repaired. The repair project mainly includes the installation of jacking equipment and steel supports, the overall jacking and rectification of the beam body, the repair and reinforcement of the whole bridge support and pad stone, the whole bridge Construction monitoring and bridge bearing capacity assessment, etc.

The implementation of this project marks an important step taken by China Railway 14th Bureau Group in the field of overseas bridge repair projects, so that Chinese technology, Chinese standards and Chinese equipment can be effectively displayed in overseas engineering fields.

In September 2022, China Railway 14th Bureau Group Overseas Company received the plugging of 2# acidic reservoir and sedimentation tank in the stope of Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador, and 1# and 2# flood discharge branch tunnels in the facilities in the Cudayimi tailings reservoir Notification of winning bids for two projects. The main contents of the construction of the 2# acidic reservoir and sedimentation tank project in the stope that won the bid this time include surface cleaning of the 2# acidic reservoir and sedimentation tank, earthwork excavation, dam filling, horizontal and vertical anti-seepage, etc.; The main construction content of the 1#2# flood discharge branch tunnel closure project of the facilities in the tailings pond includes tunnel backfill grouting, consolidation grouting, planting bars, concrete plugging, etc.Editor/Ma Xue


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