Hebei Caofeidian signed 9 projects involving coal trade and supply chain

Seetao 2023-03-17 14:04
  • The 9 projects signed by Caofeidian this time involve coal trade, supply chain, etc
  • Caofeidian Port Area has the largest professional coal terminal in the country, as well as a variety of port collection, storage and transportation methods
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On the morning of March 6, 2023, the Hebei Caofeidian Port Logistics Park Investment Conference and the 2023 Spring Coal Summit Forum were held, and 9 coal trade logistics cooperation agreements were signed on the spot.

Caofeidian Port Logistics Park Investment Conference and 2023 Spring Coal Summit Forum site

The signing agreement includes modern supply chain trade project, Guangneng supply chain coal trade project, Hebei Cezhi Energy coal trade project, Tangshan Guohe Energy coal trade project, Yizhen Energy coal trade project, Longxiong Energy import and export trade project, Hebei Changdun Energy Coal Trade Project, Jiukang Coal Logistics Project and other 8 coal trade logistics project cooperation agreements, and the Caofeidian District People's Government of Tangshan City and Baotou City Tumote Right Banner People's Government's strategic cooperation agreement on port coal trade, annual trade The amount exceeds 50 billion yuan.

At the event site, under the witness of more than 350 representatives from 12 national coal industry associations, 5 coal trading centers, and more than 120 industry-related enterprises, the Caofeidian Thermal Coal Spot Price Index compiled by the Caofeidian Coal Association and the Caofeidian Seaborne Coal Transportation The price index was officially released. Among them, the Caofeidian Thermal Coal Spot Price Index, referred to as CTCI, includes the spot price and comprehensive index of three mainstream thermal coal specifications, and currently has a high degree of market recognition, popularity and application value. The Caofeidian Seaborne Coal Freight Index, referred to as NCFI, covers 12 major unloading ports from Caofeidian to East China and South China, more than 20 major routes and shipping prices and comprehensive indexes of 7 main ship types, which can accurately reflect the Caofeidian Port area and the Bohai Rim Dry bulk freight rates from ports to Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

It is understood that as China's most important coal collection and distribution port area, Caofeidian Port Area has the country's largest professional coal terminal, as well as a variety of port collection, storage and transportation methods. With unique location advantages and high-quality and efficient services, Caofeidian Port Area has been widely recognized by the coal industry. Enterprises can choose different coal sources, different varieties of spot goods and futures for trading, and can also blend different coal qualities. Satisfy user needs to the greatest extent. At present, the port area has become the most important hub for transporting coal from the north to the south. Editor / Zhao E