The project of Barisa Power Station in Bangladesh was highly praised

Seetao 2023-03-17 17:32
  • The project has an installed capacity of 350 megawatts and will benefit more than 5 million residents after it is put into operation
  • At the same time, it will further adjust and optimize Bangladesh's power and energy structure
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Recently, more than 20 people went to the Barisa Power Station constructed by Power Construction Corporation of China, visited the central control room of the power station, the main factory building, the operation camp, etc., and learned more about the production and operation of the power station and the living facilities of the employees.

Bangladesh Barisa Power Station

The relevant person in charge of the Barisa Power Generation Company introduced the basic situation of the power generation company, the construction and operation of the Barisa Power Station, and expressed the long-term concern of the Barisa Power Station by the Borguna and Tatori subregional governments and relevant departments. Thanks for the support and help provided. The power generation company stated that it will conscientiously implement the various management regulations of the territorial government agencies, conscientiously abide by the laws and regulations of Bangladesh, handle various approvals and permits in a timely manner, and carry out business activities in compliance with regulations, so as to make greater contributions to the economic and social development of the region.

The delegation of government agencies in the Borguna region of Bangladesh praised Barisa Power Station

The cumulative on-grid electricity of Barisa Power Station in 2023 will exceed 100 million kWh

The delegation from Tampa, the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Tutori Division, highly praised Barisa Power Station for achieving the goal of continuous and stable power generation since it successfully passed the 168-hour trial operation. She said that PowerChina has always adhered to law-abiding operations, made outstanding contributions to the local economic development during the construction and operation stages, and effectively promoted the local economic development.

She hopes that PowerChina can continue to maintain a safe and stable production status, strengthen communication and cooperation with various departments of the territorial government, and better play the roles of both parties in the process of building Golden Bangladesh. Editor/He Yuting