89 key projects in Alu Horqin Banner started intensively

Seetao 2023-03-22 09:05
  • The construction projects include energy and power, infrastructure, social undertakings and other fields
  • After completion, it will promote the transformation of advantageous resources in Chifeng area and make up for the basic shortcomings
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On March 21, 2023, Alu Horqin Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia held a centralized commencement ceremony for key projects in 2023. Aru Horqin Banner plans to invest a total of 14.618 billion yuan, with a total of 89 key construction projects identified, and a planned investment of 7.775 billion yuan will be completed within the year.

Among them, there are 64 new projects and 25 continued projects. This time, 12 key projects for work resumption, 11 new projects, and 1 continued construction project will be launched, with a total investment of 2.465 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 1.18 billion yuan will be completed within the year.

The start of construction of key projects is an important measure for Alu Horqin to take the initiative and take the initiative. It is of great significance to promote the improvement of people's livelihood and will surely inject strong impetus into the economic and social development of Alu Horqin Banner. Editor/He Yuting