The new Brazilian president is about to visit China

Seetao 2023-03-22 14:32
  • China is the largest trading partner in Brazil. In 2022, bilateral trade reached 152.6 billion US dollars
  • Lula served as the President of Brazil. It is expected to lead the large delegation from March 26 to 31, 2023 to conduct state visits to China
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Recently, the new Brazilian President Lula said that a delegation of more than 200 people will visit China. It is expected to strengthen bilateral cooperation with China in many fields such as the green economy, digital economy, and high -tech. It is worth noting that as the largest developing countries in the east and west hemispheres, will Brazil sign the Belt and Road Cooperation Agreement with China, and China and Pakistan have since set foot on the new situation of political and economic hot and new.

20223 is the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, 21 Latin American countries have signed the Belt and Road Cooperation Agreement with China. Although China has been the largest trading partner in Brazil since 2009. According to Chinese customs statistics, the bilateral trade volume of China and Pakistan in 2022 was US $ 171.49 billion, of which the Chinese export value was US $ 61.97 billion, but because Brazil took the previous president of Brazil to adopt pro -Western and distant China in China, Yuan China, China, and China. The policy, therefore, China and Pakistan have previously presented the situation of political cold through the heat, and Brazil has not signed a co -construction of the Belt and Road Cooperation Agreement with China, just like Argentina and Chile.

On January 1, 2023, the new President of Brazil in Brazil, Brazil, worked at the National Congress

Today, with Lulla as the President of Brazil in January 2023, it will lead a 27th members, 12 senators, governors and ministers, and more than 200 from March 26 to 31, 2023. The large delegation formed by the business people in the industry conducted a state visit to China.

It is reported that this time Brazilian accompanying personnel include business representatives in infrastructure, banking, agricultural comprehensive enterprises, food, clothing and shoe, telecommunications, and digital innovation. As we all know, the Brazilian economy has faced huge challenges in recent years, and the three highs of domestic high interest rates, high inflation, and high -family liabilities will continue to worsen or even deteriorate. In the future, Brazil will fight for the economy and further attract more foreign investment. China, as the world's second economy, should help them.

Therefore, the outside world is full of longing for Brazilian President Lula's visit to China. It is believed that if Brazil can sign a co -construction of the Belt and Road Cooperation Agreement with China, further strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of new infrastructure, new energy, new highlights, and new markets. Essence

Promote the development of digital economy

First, strengthen the cooperation of new infrastructure. Although Brazil currently has a population of 215 million, 76%of the Internet penetration rate, and 68%smartphone penetration rate, Brazil currently is difficult to meet economic and social development with new infrastructure construction represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and the Internet of Things. The need. In this regard, the Brazilian government has formulated a digital economic development strategy and planning, hoping to make the digital economy into new economic growth points through innovative technologies such as 5G networks, data centers, and artificial intelligence.

In order to promote the development of the digital economy, the support of new infrastructure is needed. Although the Summit of the Seventh -way Group (G7) headed by the United States, it has issued a joint communiqué in 2021 to establish a partnership between the rebuilding and rebuilding a better world. It is planned to invest more than $ 400 trillion to meet the infrastructure needs of developing countries. However, since the plan was proposed, the stairs have been heard.

At the same time, in recent years, China's digital economy has flourished, and the scale of industrial scale has continued to grow rapidly, and it has stabilized the world in the world for several years. Therefore, if Brazil has strengthened cooperation with China in the new infrastructure field and signing a cooperation agreement on the construction of a digital Silk Road will help Brazil in the new infrastructure field and promote the development of the digital economy.

Strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy

Second, strengthen the cooperation of new energy. From the perspective of Brazil's power generation structure, hydropower accounts for more than 60%. Due to the current status of relying on hydropower, Brazil's power supply distribution is uneven and easily affected by extreme weather. In addition to water energy, Brazil's solar energy and wind energy resources are abundant. For example, the average light intensity of Brazil is 4.5 to 6.3 kWh / square meters per day, and solar power generation potential reaches 114 Gava. Brazil is also one of the most abundant countries with wind energy resources. Wind power potential is 143 Gava. To this end, the Brazilian government encourages the development of non -hydraulic renewable energy power generation, and proposes to increase the planned target of national non -hydropower renewable energy power generation to 28%to 33%by 2030.

China has achieved leapfrog development with renewable energy represented by hydropower, wind and electricity, and photovoltaic power generation. In the past 10 years, China's total installed capacity of renewable energy power generation has reached 1.1 billion kilowatts, and the scale of hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, and biomass power generation installation ranks first in the world. Among them, the total of 670 million kilowatts of wind power photovoltaic and network installed machines was nearly 90 times that of 2012. In addition, with the rapid iteration of Chinese photovoltaic power generation and other technologies, it has repeatedly refreshing the world record of battery conversion efficiency. And low wind speed, typhoon, ultra -high tower, ultra -high altitude wind power technology ranks among the top in the world.

Therefore, if Brazil can further strengthen cooperation with China in the field of new energy, through the use and use of China's new energy power generation technology and knowledge of new energy such as green hydrogen, energy storage, and offshore wind power and distributed photovoltaic power generation, related new energy produced in China uses new energy produced in China Equipment, and attracting more Chinese new energy companies to invest, will help Brazil to develop more non -hydraulic renewable energy power generation, and meet the growing power demand of Brazil's future.

Green Belt One Road becomes a highlight

Third, find new highlights in cooperation. The green area with the theme of green low -carbon and environmental friendship will become a new highlight of China's future pragmatic cooperation with Brazil. This is because as global climate change is not conducive to its increasingly impact, global action urgency has continued to rise. In particular, the lungs of the earth in Brazil Amazon Rainforest, have now reached an irreversible turning point. If it is not immediately stopped cutting down, the world's largest rain forest may disappear, which will cause drastic changes in the global climate. To this end, how to save the Rain forest of Brazilian Asian and protect global climate has become a subject of the times facing countries.

Actively think about the common market in the south

Given that Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical rain forest in the world, it has a key role in the accumulation and storage of carbon in the atmosphere. The future of China and Brazil will strengthen cooperation on how to protect the Amazon Rainforest. China and Brazil have strengthened collaboration in the Green Belt and Road through the opportunity to jointly protect the Amazon rainforest.

Fourth, seek a free trade agreement with China for the Southern Mercosur. The Southern Common Market is an important regional economic cooperation organization in Latin America and is considered the fifth largest economic group in the world. The Southern Common Market is composed of 4 member states of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Other countries in South America, including Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Surinan, and Guyana.

The Southern Common Market reached a free trade agreement with the European Union in June 2019. However, because the EU countries are not only worried about the Brazilian environmental issues, but also worried about South American countries, especially agricultural products to enter the EU countries, they will bring vicious competition. Examine. The southern market facing the status quo of the snow -saving agreement with EU countries, and with the rapid development of China's economy, it has made South American countries feel the charm and attractiveness of the Chinese market and daily. To further open the door of the Chinese market, it is necessary to launch more in -depth cooperation with China.

If the Brazilian President Lulai can promote and promote the progress of the southern market and China in the free trade agreement during the visit to China, and even reaching an agreement, it will not only bring a huge market with a population of 1.4 billion in South America including Brazil, but also It helps to further enhance the influence of Lula and Brazil in the entire South American continent. Keywords: Belt and Road News, Belt and Road Engineering, Overseas Engineering News

It is worth noting that after taking office in 2023, Brazilian President Lula visited the United States on February 10. Although he was happy to talk to the US President Biden, the lack of substantial results in Washington's trip. Back to the house, he was rated as a non -true thing by international public opinion and did a superficial work.

All -round cooperation

Therefore, Lu La's visit to China did not want to repeat the same mistakes and hoped to cooperate with China, and further enhance the ability of Brazil to participate in regional affairs and international affairs. The initiative will be a good choice. At that time, Brazil will not only open up China's 1.4 billion population market, but Brazil, as the largest economy in South America, can better advance cooperation between China and South American countries, which will bring a win -win situation.

Of course, the visit to China, Brazil's President Lula, has signed a Belt and Road cooperation agreement with China or not, and believes that it will not stop China and Brazil's accelerated pace, as well as a new situation of political and economic fever.

For governments, enterprises, and people across the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area in Hong Kong and even the entire Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, we may wish to actively think about how to seize the opportunities brought by the cooperation between China and Brazil and the entire Southern Market. Especially for Hong Kong, while excavating the opportunities of ASEAN countries and the Middle East countries, it should also actively find the development opportunities of South American countries, so that far relatives can also be neighboring.Editor/Ma Xue