The 200-kilometer main water vein will surround five new cities in Shanghai

Seetao 2023-03-22 16:06
  • In the five major new cities in the future, it will be about 500 meters into the park and about 1 km into the waterfront space
  • By 2025, the green ring system of five new cities will be preliminarily established
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On March 21, 2023, the green ring and water vein projects in five new cities in Shanghai, including the third phase of the comprehensive improvement project of Dongjing Port in Songjiang District, were officially launched. More than 20 projects that have been identified so far will be completed by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan. At that time, the five new cities will form a ring-shaped main water vein with a total length of more than 200 kilometers and a width of 100 meters.

It is both the main vein of the green ring and the context of the new city

The five new city green rings are the planned forest ecological park belts around the five new cities of Jiading, Qingpu, Songjiang, Fengxian, and Nanhui. They are located in the rural areas adjacent to the new cities and undertake the functions of urban security, rural demonstration, ecological protection, etc., and also have certain recreational activities. Function.

A major feature of the five green rings of the new city is that they take water as the pulse. There are not only green rings around the city, but also water networks, striving to blend paddy fields and forests and water everywhere. According to different planning scopes, the tasks and objectives of the construction of the five new towns are different. Within the 3-kilometer-wide main belt, the focus is on the integration of urban and rural areas. Natural elements such as fields, water, roads, forests, and villages are designed to coordinate the design of spatial layout and land use according to the needs of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.

The core part of the water vein is within the scope of the main ring of the green ring with a width of 1 km, and the width is 100 meters, which is called the main water vein. Zhao Xianbao, deputy director of the Water Conservancy Management Division of the Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau, said that the main water vein is composed of water and banks. Water refers to more than 20 rivers with a width of more than 20 meters, which undertake functions such as flood control and boating; The shore space can accommodate the main passages of the green ring such as runways and cycling paths. It is worth mentioning that both the water and the shore will be continuous, and there are basic facilities such as piers, stops, and post stations along the main water vein.

According to reports, in 2023, each green ring of the new city will be the first to realize the connection of the main water vein of more than 10 kilometers. Up to now, 13 related projects involving the main water vein or peripheral capillaries have been implemented and are being fully promoted, and another 16 related projects are in the preliminary work. After completion, each green ring water vein in the new city will have a water culture full of local characteristics. Jiading Green Ring is positioned as cross ripples and green gardens; Qingpu Green Ring is a water town in the south of the Yangtze River and polder characteristics that are born by water, interdependent with polders and waters, and surrounded by forest fields; Songjiang Green Ring is a mountain, water, cloud ring, forest green chain; Fengxian Green The ring is the cross water street, connecting the river to the sea; the green ring of Nanhui is the coastal feature of international style, sense of the future, and charm of sea and lake. These green rings and water veins in the new city have also become the context for the common people to understand and feel the local historical and humanistic memory.

Become an important pillar to enhance urban resilience

Since 2017, Shanghai has launched a new round of large-scale water environment management. In 2018, black and odorous small and medium-sized rivers will be basically eliminated. In 2020, inferior fifth-class water bodies will be basically eliminated. Currently, the construction of ecologically clean small watersheds is being promoted. By 2035, 151 water bodies in the city will be covered. An ecologically clean small watershed will be completed. If the first three stages are regarded as version 1.0, version 2.0, and version 3.0 of this round of water environment governance, then the five new city green ring water vein projects are version 4.0.

After the completion of the five new city green rings, the biggest beneficiaries are the residents of the new city, who will have a better sense of experience, gain and happiness by entering the park within 500 meters, the waterfront space within 1 km, and the forest within 5 km. But the benefits of the green ring and water veins in the new city are far more than these. They will also become an important pillar for improving Shanghai's urban resilience.

The first is to further enhance the ability to protect against floods and waterlogging. The promotion of the green ring water vein in the new city breaks through the breakpoint, widens the water surface, and enhances the water power. According to preliminary estimates, after the completion of the main water vein project, the total storage capacity of the relevant river network will reach 48.24 million cubic meters, an increase of about 6.04 million cubic meters compared with the current situation, and the adjustable storage capacity will increase by about 3.53 million cubic meters. Value" at the same time, adding a natural security barrier.

The second is the strong ecological restoration ability. A healthy river network is the cradle of biodiversity, and the water veins in the Green Ring of Xincheng can be used as boat passages and flood control passages, as well as insect passages, bird passages, and animal passages. According to reports, the construction of the green ring and water veins in the new city adheres to ecological priority, and in accordance with the concept of a life community of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grasses and sands, protects the ecological background to the greatest extent, and actively explores the pilot projects of composite functions such as earthwork digestion, water purification, and biodiversity. In the near future, the Xincheng Green Ring water vein may also become a home for wildlife. Editor/He Yuting