Sany C10 National IV complete set of pavement equipment is launched!

Seetao 2023-03-22 18:15
  • A total of 31 new road machinery products were exhibited at this conference
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From "the debut of the national tide" to "the start of the tide", Sanyi Machinery has not changed its original intention of fulfilling the mission of national industry, and is committed to making Chinese construction machinery go global.

On March 21, Sany's C10 National IV complete set of equipment, which is "surprised by the rising tide and beautiful in the avenue", ushered in a grand release in Changsha Sany Heavy Industry Industrial Park, once again demonstrating to the world the strength of Sany's innovation leadership.

The event attracted more than 600 customers to visit

Before the release ceremony, more than 600 customers from all over the country visited the "smartest factory" - No. 18 Lighthouse Factory, and then moved to the product display area to observe and taste the new C10 National IV complete set of road equipment. With new technology, new appearance, and new power, 31 new C10 national IV series complete sets of equipment were highly praised by the customers present, and they were full of praise for Sany's intelligent manufacturing and "smart operation".

In the product display area, Sany Road Machine C10 National IV "Jinghong" series equipment has a smooth outline and lines, and the painting color follows the classic Sany "Road Machine Yellow", and a touch of crimson injects new vitality into the whole machine body. The shape fits the aesthetics of the youthful national trend; it is equipped with a SANY Deutz National IV engine, which, while meeting the National IV emission standards, continues the advantages of strong power, energy saving and high efficiency of the National III engine; the newly upgraded floor-to-ceiling window design of the cab provides a better view It is more spacious, fully upgraded interior, equipped with a large smart screen, showing the charm of technology.

In the exhibition area of Zhilu Technology, there is a group of intelligent unmanned presses pioneered by Sany and successfully put into practice. They impress the customers present with their intelligent and unmanned performance. Through the application of intelligent unmanned presses, Sany has truly realized the saving of manpower, materials and time. At the same time, Sany's newly launched electrified equipment was also displayed in the exhibition area.

At the subsequent release ceremony, Mr. Tan Bo, Senior Deputy General Manager of Sany Group and General Manager of the Pump Road Division, Mr. Chai Wenjun, General Manager of Sany Heavy Industry Road Machinery Company, and Mr. Xiao Zhengwen, General Manager of Road Machinery Marketing Company, took the stage. Ice spring water, which symbolizes wealth, was poured on the starting platform together, and the new Roadjet C10 was unveiled and shocked to the market!

Mr. Tan Bo said that it is the heart of Sanyi Road to be committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer of complete sets of road construction equipment and a leader in world road engineering technology. Sany's brand new C10 product comes with a new industrial design, new technology application, and comprehensive functional upgrades. It is committed to providing customers and friends with complete sets of road construction equipment and series solutions.

At the theme meeting in the afternoon, more than 600 experts and customers gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions and analyzes on the future development direction of pavement machinery construction and advanced technology and construction methods.

Mr. Chai Wenjun explained the complete equipment upgrade of the C10 series to the guests from the three aspects of new shape, new power and new technology, and answered questions from the perspective of customers.

Innovation is the first driving force. As early as 2020, Sany started the strategic layout of the national four switch of all series of road machinery products, establishing projects, investment sources, and gathering heavy troops, from the macro environment to national policies, from emerging technologies to industry regulations, from technical difficulties to solutions The plan is implemented one by one. After more than 1,000 days and nights of technical research and verification, it is committed to providing complete solutions for green, efficient, safe and intelligent construction of global roads, leading China's speed and developing lofty dreams.

The man-machine is in harmony, graceful, leading the national style; the National IV emission, leading the performance, showing the green trump card; China's intelligent manufacturing, world quality, impeccable performance! In the future, Sanyi road machines will also continue to help "dual carbon", promote high-quality development of energy conservation and emission reduction, green transportation, and environmental protection road construction, focus on intelligent manufacturing, let resources and industrial ecology link and co-exist, and contribute to the development of China's roads. Contribute a world-class road machine brand to the Chinese nation! Editor/He Yuting