Chinese Enterprises Newly Sign Overseas Projects
Seetao 2023-03-23 09:19
  • CRCC International continues to push China Construction into the Latin American market
  • Chinese companies have accumulated rich experience and good reputation in overseas markets
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Recently, under the framework of the Belt and Road Cooperation Initiative, three Chinese companies and overseas companies adhere to the cooperation concept of extensive consultation, joint construction and shared benefits, actively fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, expand overseas markets along the Belt and Road, and newly sign a number of overseas infrastructure projects, involving infrastructure , electric power and water conservancy fields.

CRCC International won medical projects in Latin America

On March 21, 2023, the contract award ceremony for the central building redevelopment project of the Port of Spain General Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago was held at the headquarters of the project owner, Teto City Development Co., Ltd. Member of the Standing Committee of the China Railway Construction Party Committee and Vice President Wang Wenzhong, Chairman of Todo Urban Development Co., Ltd. Noel Garcia, Deputy General Manager of the Overseas Business Department of China Railway Construction Li Fasheng, and Deputy General Manager of China Railway Construction International Yan Meng attended the event. This is the tenth medical project won by CRCC International in Latin America.

Wang Wenzhong expressed his gratitude to Noel Garcia for his support and help to the development of China Railway Construction in Trinidad and Tobago, and introduced China Railway Construction's promotion of medical treatment and the integration of investment, construction and operation Initiatives on the project. He said that China Railway Construction will further strengthen the management of projects under construction, pay close attention to the quality and safety of projects, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Noel Garcia welcomed the arrival of Wang Wenzhong, and thanked Wang Wenzhong for his attention and support to the Todo Market and the Port of Spain Hospital project. He fully affirmed China Railway Construction's achievements in the Trinidad and Tobago market, praised China Railway Construction's construction quality and speed, and fully expressed his hope to continue to maintain a long-term good cooperative relationship with China Railway Construction will.

Rendering of Port of Spain General Hospital Central Building Redevelopment Project

Port-of-Spain General Hospital is a key project in the Toto government's plan to improve health care services. It is located in the urban core area of Port-of-Spain, the capital of Toto. and a 3-storey podium. The hospital has 540 beds, operating theaters, recovery rooms and intensive care units. The project adopts the construction contract mode. After completion, it will become the most advanced medical institution in Toto, serving a population of nearly 6

SINOMACH Signs Iraq Oil Gas Power Plant Project

Recently, a senior delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power arrived at the headquarters of SINOMACH for a week-long official visit. During the period, Wang Bo, chairman of the company, met with the high-level delegation, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on promoting the company's business development and deepening cooperation in the Iraqi market. Fang Yanshui, the general manager of the company, witnessed the signing of the "Operation and Maintenance Contract for the 2X630MW Oil-fired Gas Power Plant Project of Iraq Salah al-Din Project".

Wang Bo welcomed the visit of the senior delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power. He said that this is the first high-level foreign government delegation to visit the company after the end of the new crown epidemic, which fully demonstrates the importance that the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity attaches to cooperation with CMEC.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity delegation visited the CMEC business exhibition hall. Wang Bo personally introduced to the guests CMEC's business scope, classic successful project cases, unique business capabilities, and its contributions to helping the global energy transition and fulfilling social responsibilities. After the visit, the members of the delegation said that they had a higher understanding of CMEC's performance and strength, and they were more confident in the future cooperation with CMEC.

Wang Bo said that the Chinese government has long been committed to the peaceful and stable development of the Middle East region and attaches great importance to relevant bilateral cooperation. As a central enterprise and the vanguard of going global, CMEC will also continue to deepen its development in the Middle East, especially in Iraq. The friendly exchanges between Iraq and China have a long history. The ancient Chinese civilization and the Mesopotamian civilization met and got to know each other along the Belt and Road. It is hoped that SINOMACH and the Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power will further strengthen cooperation and bring greater benefits to the two peoples.

Wang Bo expressed his congratulations on the upcoming signing of the operation and maintenance contract of the Salah al-Din fuel-gas power plant project in Iraq. He said that during the years of construction of the Salah al-Din Power Station project, China and Iran have not only established a profound friendship, but also laid a good foundation for mutual trust and cooperation. More importantly, CMEC has cultivated a team that is familiar with the Iraqi market and can provide more professional services for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. It is hoped that with the operation and maintenance work as a new starting point, China and Iran will maintain long-term, friendly and stable cooperation in the Iraqi power market.

Al-Waleed, general manager of the Northern Power Production Company of the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq, highly praised CMEC's dedication to the Salah al-Din project over the years, expressed admiration for CMEC's strength and achievements in the field of new energy construction, and looked forward to all-round cooperation between the two parties.

Later, under the witness of Fang Yanshui, Bai Chuandong, general manager of the First Engineering Complete Business Unit, and Walid signed the "Operation and Maintenance Contract for the 2X630MW Oil-fired Gas Power Plant Project in Iraq's Salah al-Din Project".

POWERCHINA signed a supplementary agreement to the main contract of an overseas project

A few days ago, Power Construction Municipal Europe and the Polish Water Authority formally signed a supplementary agreement to the main contract of the Polish Viska Flood Control Project. The supplementary contract amount accounted for 12% of the original contract amount. The Viska Flood Control Project in Poland is located on the banks of the Oder River. Construction started on November 18, 2019. Up to now, the project department has received the final inspection missing item list issued by the owner, and will receive the final completion certificate issued by the owner in the near future.

During the implementation of the project, the project department actively operated the secondary operation. Through favorable design changes and adjustments, the original contract amount was increased. After being reviewed and approved by the project investor, the World Bank, the company finally signed a Polish Wis Supplementary Agreement to the Main Contract of the Card Flood Control Project.Editor/Ma Xue


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