59 key projects in Ji'an, Jiangxi started intensively

Seetao 2023-03-24 09:30
  • This construction project presents obvious characteristics such as higher gold content, better structure, and greater potential
  • After the completion of these projects, it will promote the high-quality development of Ji'an's new energy and new material industry, and help the industry to multiply and upgrade
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On March 22, 2023, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province held a start-up activity for key industrial projects in Ji'an City in Taihe County. According to reports, the 59 projects started this time are all high-quality and key industrial projects. The Yongtai Digital Energy New Energy Industrial Park project started at the main venue has a large investment volume, high technological content, and good market prospects.

It is reported that the 59 high-quality and key industrial projects started this time have a total investment of 61.39 billion yuan. The investment of all projects is more than 500 million yuan, of which the investment of more than 1 billion yuan is 34.94 billion yuan, accounting for 56.9%. There are a total of 54 1+4 industrial projects, accounting for 91.5%, with a total investment of 56.52 billion yuan, accounting for 92.1%, of which 21 are electronic information industry projects, and the degree of agglomeration of leading industries has been further improved. The projects focus on leadership, demonstration and driving. There are not only new energy outlet projects, but also a number of high-end projects, with high technological content, great development potential and strong market competitiveness.

Luo Wenjiang, deputy secretary of the Ji'an Municipal Party Committee and mayor, emphasized that it is now a critical period for economic development and a golden period for projects. Vigorously promote industrial parks to revitalize the stock and seek incremental tackling, expand development space, and undertake industrial transfer. It is necessary to optimize services and strengthen guarantees. Adhere to the elements following the project, the service to the project, the work to focus on the project, the whole process, the whole cycle, and all-round guarantee of the project construction, so that the office site is on the front line, the coordination service is on the front line, and the problem is solved on the front line. Improving the auspicious event service, guaranteeing projects with green lights all the way, helping enterprises at one stop, creating a business environment that is free from disturbance, responsive to requests, and worry-free in handling affairs, and makes new and greater contributions to writing a chapter of Chinese-style modern Ji'an. Editor/He Yuting