Three Chinese companies newly signed overseas projects

Seetao 2023-03-24 10:41
  • China Railway Construction Tanzania Irrigation Project will increase the output of existing irrigated land after completion
  • Chinese companies have accumulated rich experience and good reputation in overseas markets
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Recently, under the Belt and Road cooperation initiative, CIMC Raffles, China Railway Construction, and Zhongjiang International have adhered to the cooperation concept of extensive consultation, joint construction and shared benefits, actively fulfilled their corporate social responsibilities, expanded overseas markets along the Belt and Road, and newly signed a number of overseas infrastructure projects , involving manufacturing, water conservancy, and infrastructure construction.

CIMC Raffles signed a contract with a Singapore company

Recently, Zheng Deyan, deputy secretary of the CPC Yantai Municipal Committee and mayor of Shandong Province, led a business promotion delegation from Yantai to Singapore, which is located at the southeast corner of the Strait of Malacca, from the coast of the Bohai Sea to hold a promotion meeting for investment promotion of the marine engineering industry in Yantai. At the meeting, CIMC Raffles signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Geofulin Marine Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. (JL) and Xingenjie Gas Co., Ltd. (C-LNG).

Wang Jianzhong, President of CIMC Raffles Group, delivered a speech

CIMC Raffles is one of the initiators of the Yantai Zero Carbon Offshore Industrial Park. President Wang Jianzhong said that CIMC Raffles has been rooted in Yantai for many years and has developed rapidly, building an industrial structure for the comprehensive development of marine resources. At the same time, Singapore has the world's leading offshore engineering industry system. After years of cooperation, CIMC Raffles and Singapore's offshore engineering ecosystem have integrated and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wang Jianzhong also pointed out that with the continuous transfer of the global shipbuilding and offshore engineering industries to China and the vigorous development of marine clean energy, the Bohai Rim region has more than 20,000 shipbuilding and offshore engineering supporting enterprises, and is rich in land, docks, and coastline resources , about one-third of the country's marine talents gather here, which has huge development potential and will become a new gathering place for China's offshore industry in the future. Yantai is located in the center of the Bohai Rim region, and is striving to build a global offshore industry cluster. It is expected that more international offshore enterprises will cross mountains and seas and join Yantai Offshore Industrial Park to jointly develop a bigger ocean and build a more beautiful earth.

CIMC Raffles signed a contract with Geofulin Marine Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd.

CIMC Raffles signed a contract with Xingenjie Gas Co., Ltd.

Witnessed by all parties, CIMC Raffles signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Geofulin Marine Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. (JL) and Xingenjie Gas Co., Ltd. (C-LNG) Carry out deeper cooperation in the field of large oceans. This will also become an important milestone in the cooperation between Singapore Offshore Engineering and Yantai Offshore Engineering.

China Railway Construction signs Tanzania irrigation project

A few days ago, at the unveiling ceremony of the Dodoma large-scale farm held by the Tanzania Irrigation Bureau, Zhao Yufeng, the general manager of China Railway Construction Engineering East Africa Company, and Mr. Raymond, the director of the Irrigation Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, signed the contract for the Arusha Eyasi Irrigation Project in Tanzania.

The Eyasi Irrigation Project in Arusha, Tanzania is located in the Arusha area. The construction content includes 65 kilometers of irrigation canals, 115 kilometers of access roads and auxiliary concrete structures. The project duration is 18 months. This is the fourth irrigation project undertaken by the East Africa Company after the third and fourth bids of the Iringa Irrigation Project and the Dodoma Irrigation Project, and it is the largest irrigation project undertaken so far.

The Arusha area is the main planting area of wheat, rice, and coffee beans in Tanzania. Due to the limitation of irrigation conditions, the output of food and cash crops is not high. After the irrigation project is completed, it will increase the area of irrigable land in the Arusha region of Tanzania, increase the yield of the existing irrigated land, and help Tanzania's agricultural development.

Zhongjiang International signed a contract with the Vanuatu Correctional Center Project

Recently, Zhongjiang Vanuatu Company and the Ministry of Justice and Community Services of Vanuatu signed a general contract for the construction of the Tanna Island Correctional Center Project. This project is the first project of Zhongjiang International Group after opening up the new market in Vanuatu. It has achieved a rapid upgrade from exploration to operation, laying a good foundation for the next step of development.

The project is funded by the Vanuatu government through a new policy proposal. It is expected to be completed in October 2023 and put into use in 2024. At the signing ceremony, Johnny Marango, director of the Vanuatu Department of Correctional Services, said that the project is a key project promoted by the Ministry of Justice for a long time. After completion, it will help improve the level of correctional services and is of great significance to the social development of Vanuatu .Editor/Ma Xue