9 projects in Fangcheng Port area of Guangxi started construction
Seetao 2023-03-24 17:34
  • The construction project covers 6 fields including transportation and logistics, ecological and environmental protection
  • After the completion of these projects, the level of port collection and distribution and basic service capabilities will be continuously improved
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On March 22, 2023, the construction of a series of major projects in Fangcheng Port area of Beibu Gulf Port was officially launched. According to reports, the total investment of these projects is about 12.167 billion yuan.

It is reported that this series of projects include the 300,000-ton wharf project in the Qisha South Operation Area of Fangchenggang Qisha Port Area, the No. 21-24 berth project in the Chisha Operation Area of Fangchenggang Qisha Port Area, and the river-sea combined dry bulk cargo transfer in Fangchenggang Yuxi Port Area. Wharf project, Phase VI of Fangchenggang Grain Transportation Reconstruction Project, Fangchenggang Yuli Port Area Bulk Cargo Control Center Building Project, Fangchenggang Yuli Port Area No. 401 Berth Project Phase II, Beigang Fangchenggang New Channel Intermodal Center, Guangxi Fangchenggang Asphalt Storage Transit Project, Nine projects including the construction of supporting facilities of Fangchenggang Tourism Wharf.

Among them, the Beibu Gulf Fangchenggang Marine Sightseeing Project is based on the unique seaside and mountain characteristics of Fangchenggang to create a comprehensive tourism and vacation product integrating scenic spot sightseeing and port area sightseeing, which can meet the characteristics of tourists visiting the sea, viewing the port and watching giant ships from the perspective of the sea. To meet tourism needs, fill the gaps in offshore tourism projects, enrich the content of coastal leisure and sightseeing tourism in Fangchenggang City, and enhance the core competitiveness of Fangchenggang City's tourism.

During the event, the Fangcheng Port area of Beibu Gulf Port held a celebration meeting for the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the port. The conference introduced the development history and future direction of Fangchenggang. In 1968, the Guangxi 322 Project was built in Fangchenggang, which opened the prelude to the implementation of major national strategies in Fangchenggang. Fangchenggang has changed from a former frontier war readiness port to a busy modern international hub seaport. The port construction has made great achievements. In the past 30 years, the cargo throughput of Fangcheng Port has increased by 29 times. It exceeded 10 million tons in 2001, 20 million tons in 2005, and 100 million tons in 2020. , the growth rate of cargo throughput and container volume ranks among the top in China. In the future, Beibu Gulf Port Fangcheng Port Area will continue to strengthen infrastructure construction. In order to achieve the container throughput of Beibu Gulf Port to exceed 8 million TEUs in 2023, the number of sea-rail intermodal trains in the Western Land-Sea New Corridor will exceed 9,000, and the construction of 10 million TEUs will be completed by 2025. Contribute to the goal of TEU Dagang. Editor/He Yuting


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