North Stock won the bid for the procurement project of Guoneng Zhuneng Group

Seetao 2023-03-25 15:54
  • The 21 mining vehicles won the bid this time meet the needs of intelligent, digital and informatization construction in mines
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Recently, Northern Stock successfully won the bid for the procurement project of 21 sets of 360-ton large electric wheel mining vehicles of Guoneng Zhuneng Group. This is the second consecutive year that the company has successfully won the bid after Beibei won the bid for 9 large-scale electric wheel mining vehicles of Guoneng Zhuneng Group. Enterprises affiliated to China Energy Group started cooperation with North China Energy Co., Ltd. as early as 1990. The series of mining vehicles provided by North China Energy Co., Ltd. have been fully verified and approved by various mines of China Energy Group in terms of reliability, durability, operating cost and intelligence level. Generally positive. At present, the nine NTE360B large-scale electric mining vehicles purchased by Zhuneng Group in 2021 have already achieved batch operation and have been highly recognized by customers.

Northern Shares and Zhuneng Group have been working together on localized R&D and application of mining vehicles. This time, the winning bid for mining vehicles focuses on the key core technology research and independent research and development of the electric drive system, and other components are collaboratively innovated. , power transmission system, design and manufacture of large structural parts, improvement of vehicle informatization and intelligence level, lightweight design, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety have made great technological breakthroughs to meet the needs of intelligent, digital, and information-based construction of mines.

NORINCO always puts innovation and development at the core, takes the path of innovation-driven industrial development, and continues to provide customers including China Energy Group with high-quality, high reliability, high durability, and the lowest operating cost in the entire life cycle of mining transportation equipment And mine transportation system solutions to help users build smart mines and green mines. Editor/He Yuting