Fujian Quanzhou Petrochemical International Land Port Project Signed
Seetao 2023-03-27 11:50
  • The project will build the country's first industrial international dry port by building three centers and one platform
  • Quangang is currently the petrochemical base with the most complete public facilities, the most superior logistics conditions and the most mature industrial ecology in Fujian
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On March 24, 2023, the signing ceremony of Fujian Quanzhou Petrochemical International Land Port Project was held in Quangang District, Quanzhou City. Through the construction of three centers and one platform - petrochemical logistics multimodal transport center, petrochemical bonded logistics center, petrochemical logistics smart storage center and petrochemical industry one-stop supply chain service platform system, the project will create the country's first industrial international land port.

As a pillar industry in Fujian Province, the petrochemical industry has a large industrial scale and strong upstream and downstream driving forces. Starting from the needs of the industry, the project plans to build six major functional areas, including chemical storage area, logistics service area, bonded logistics area, multimodal transport area, procurement transaction area and living supporting area, to build a third-party logistics and supply chain for the modern petrochemical energy industry The service platform promotes the development of multimodal transportation of petrochemical logistics, and improves the efficiency, safety and reliability of petrochemical logistics operations. In addition to promoting the development of the petrochemical logistics industry with the "land port model", the project will also create a platform economy for the petrochemical industry, create a professional trading market for petrochemicals, promote the joint development of petrochemical logistics and the industrial chain, and help the petrochemical industry to develop a dual cycle of domestic and foreign trade.

This signing is a good start for the strategic cooperation between Quangang District and Fujian Land Port Group. It is an active docking of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win between the two parties. It will definitely provide new impetus for the transformation and upgrading of Quangang petrochemical industry and provide new support for regional safety supervision , Inject new vitality into the development of the logistics industry, and have a milestone significance for the development of the petrochemical logistics industry. Editor / Zhao E


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