Xiwuqi Hadatu Coal Mine Abandoned Pit Ecological Treatment Project Started

Seetao 2023-05-04 16:24
  • After completion, it will improve the level of regional environmental governance and resource utilization
  • The project utilizes the abandoned mining pit of Hadatu Coal Mine, and the vegetation ecological restoration will be carried out after the service period expires
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Recently, the groundbreaking ceremony of the abandoned pit ecological management project of Hadatu Coal Mine in Xiwu Banner was held.

It is understood that Ximeng Environmental Investment Company is the only central enterprise in Xiwu Banner whose main business is to manage and restore the ecological environment and promote the development of the ecological environment industry. an ecological management project. The project uses the abandoned mining pits of the Hadatu Coal Mine to carry out ecological restoration and treatment before reuse, to realize the harmless disposal of solid waste in the area, and to restore the vegetation ecology after the service period expires.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Zhao Guodong, deputy banner chief of the government, delivered a speech. He said that under the correct guidance of the League Committee and the Administrative Office, and through the joint efforts of the Banner Committee, the government and the League Environmental Investment Company, the Hadatu Coal Mine Abandoned Pit Ecological Treatment Project has entered the substantive implementation stage since today. The Hadatu Coal Mine Abandoned Pit Ecological Management Project is an investment promotion project in our banner. It is led by the banner government and invested and constructed by Menghuan Investment. The problem of waste disposal is of great significance to improving the comprehensive utilization capacity of fly ash in our flag and improving the comprehensive utilization industrial system. Editor/He Yuting


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