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Chinese youth play a role in Vietnam's Belt and Road Initiative
Seetao 2023-05-08 10:08
  • Vietnam Hai Duong coal-fired power station project is a key project to promote Sino-Vietnamese production capacity cooperation
  • The project has made positive contributions to enhancing local economic and social benefits in Vietnam, as well as business transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises
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In the ten years since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, it has not only brought benefits to the people of the countries along the route, but also pushed the world towards the beautiful vision of achieving common prosperity and building a community with a shared future for mankind. During this period, a large number of young people from Chinese-funded institutions worked hard in foreign countries, sweating and contributing to the joint construction of the Belt and Road. They feel the people-to-people bonds between countries and show the image of Chinese youth on the world stage.

Li Dong is a post-90s youth of China Energy Construction Group. Four years ago, he came to the Hai Duong power station project invested and constructed by China Energy Construction Group in Vietnam and became an overseas builder. He had been working nine to five in China before, and it was his first time to work and live overseas, and he was a little uncomfortable at first.

Li Dong said: The first impression is quite deep. The power plant is usually located in the suburbs. When I first came here, after passing the road, I encountered a river with no bridge on it, and I had to take a ferry to get to the project work place.

At that time, the Haiyang Power Station project was still under construction, and even the working office was still a temporary board room. What impressed Li Dong the most was the frequent local power outages, which brought huge challenges to the construction of the project.

Li Dong: When we first came, the project was under construction, and there were frequent power outages, even during work. The temperature is still high here. Now that we have built the factory, there are very few power outages.

Li Dong at the project site

On November 24, 2020, unit 1 of Haiyang Power Station was officially put into commercial operation; on January 25, 2021, unit 2 was also put into operation... In a few years, seeing the power station project from scratch, completed and put into operation, And it has produced huge economic and social benefits in the local area, and Li Dong is very excited.

Li Dong: After the completion of our project, it has provided power guarantee for the industrial and economic development of northern Vietnam. In fact, this project is also adapted to the requirements of the local social economy and industrial development planning, which has produced huge economic benefits, improved the living standards of the local people, promoted its urbanization process, and promoted the development of local industries. This was originally a rural area. After three or four years of construction, there are more and more restaurants, fruit shops, and small houses built by some residents. The government's repair of nearby roads and construction of bridges have also increased because of our project.

During the construction process, the Haiyang Power Station project created more than 2,000 local jobs. Most of Li Dong's colleagues are Vietnamese. It is equivalent to solving some local labor and employment problems, and at the same time, it has trained a large number of Vietnamese professional technical backbones and management talents in electric power.

Li Dong said that in order to communicate better at work, Chinese and Vietnamese colleagues in the power station project are working hard to learn each other's language and understand each other's culture in depth. They promote exchanges and mutual learning in work and life, and enhance People-to-people bond.

Vietnam Haiyang Power Station Project

Li Dong: They may go to Chinese training at night and learn Chinese online by themselves. We also started to learn Vietnamese by ourselves when we were free from work or at night, starting from pronunciation, letters, and tones. A Vietnamese colleague built a new house in his house. In order to express our personal feelings outside of work, we jointly bought him an air conditioner and went to their new home to have dinner together. Through this kind of communication, we can strengthen the relationship between Chinese and Vietnamese colleagues. friendship between.

Li Dong and colleagues

Having sweated and contributed to the joint construction of the Belt and Road, Li Dong said frankly that he is happy, and hopes to continue to devote himself to the construction of the Belt and Road in the future, so as to bring more benefits to the countries and people along the route. Li Dong: The Belt and Road Initiative originated in China, but its opportunities and achievements belong to the local area. The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. If necessary, I will definitely continue to participate in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.Editor/Ma Xue


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