Zoomlion wins the future with intelligence and wit
Seetao 2023-05-15 11:35
  • Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft launched 34 new products this time
  • These products combine cutting-edge technology and actual needs of users, bringing together years of R&D and manufacturing experience
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The high-speed machine industry market is turbulent, high-quality development is the top priority, and safety is the top responsibility. As a leader in the high-speed machine industry, Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed machine relies on the strength of scientific and technological innovation, always puts technical safety and equipment safety in the first place, and takes it as its own responsibility to boost the efficient operation of customers' enterprises, and explores and seeks win-win results with users. develop.

On May 11, the high-altitude aircraft industry development summit forum "Guarding the safety of high altitudes" and the "win-win digital future" digital development forum were grandly held in Changsha, on the shore of the Xiangjiang River. Leaders, experts, scholars and customer partners of the high-altitude aircraft industry from all over the country , to discuss the future development direction of the industry and the path of digital transformation.

The full series of new product launch conferences held at the same time, all kinds of high-quality equipment were stunning, demonstrating that Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed machines help customers and partners with the ultimate products and services, and take advantage of the trend in the digital and intelligent transformation and development of enterprises. Xing's extraordinary strength and majestic confidence!

"Guarding Safety at Heights" High-altitude Aircraft Industry Development Summit Forum

Promote the standardized development of safety construction standards

Safety is more important than Mount Tai. To achieve long-term and healthy development, enterprises in the industry must firmly establish the concept of safety development. The field of aerial work equipment in China has experienced seven years of rapid development, and the domestic market has exceeded 560,000 units. In 2022, the sales volume of Zoomlion's intelligent high-altitude crane products will rank among the top, becoming the number one brand of high-altitude cranes in the Chinese market. It is the inescapable social responsibility of leading enterprises to build the foundation of safety, gather knowledge of safety, practice the way of safety, work hand in hand with customers, implement the national safety production strategy, and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

"Guarding safety at heights" high-altitude aircraft industry development summit forum came into being.

"Guarding Safety at Heights" High-altitude Aircraft Industry Development Summit Forum

On the morning of May 11, we conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as technical safety, equipment safety, operational safety, environmental safety, and management safety of aerial work platforms to jointly explore the development prospects of the industry, share leasing management experience, and jointly expand application scenarios; promote leasing companies Strengthen the concept of safety, boost confidence in the development of the industry, and effectively promote the healthy and safe development of the industry.

Moderator: Zhang Lijia, Editor-in-Chief of Aerial Work Platform Magazine

Yang Aihua, Deputy General Manager of Zoomlion Intelligent High-speed Machine

At the meeting, Yang Aihua, deputy general manager of Zoomlion's intelligent high-altitude cranes, gave a keynote speech on "Prospects and Market Outlook for Aerial Work Platforms". She pointed out that China's high-altitude aerial work platform market is growing strategically and tends to grow steadily. Based on high-quality products and services, Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed machines will continue to establish a customer support system and guide the establishment of a healthy industry order and development ecology.

Li Hanbing, Vice President and Secretary-General of Construction Machinery Leasing Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

Li Hanbing, vice president and secretary-general of the Construction Machinery Leasing Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, gave a keynote speech on "Opportunities and Challenges of the Aerial Work Platform Leasing Industry in 2023". She introduced the sales and inventory of aerial work platforms in 2022, as well as construction machinery The leasing branch will provide some suggestions for leasing companies based on the statistical analysis results of the high-speed aircraft leasing market occupancy rate, rental price, payment cycle and other indicators, and based on the development trend of the high-speed aircraft leasing industry.

Yang Lei, General Manager of Beijing Xiangyuncheng Leasing Co., Ltd.

Yang Lei, general manager of Beijing Xiangyuncheng Leasing Co., Ltd., combined with his company's growth experience, shared the leasing company's internal management experience and external business development experience. When referring to the value of aerial work platforms, he emphasized that safety is the first of all values.

He Qiang, Director of Construction Machinery Center of China Equipment Management Association

He Qiang, director of the Construction Machinery Center of China Equipment Management Association, gave a keynote speech on "Interpretation of High-speed Machine Safety and Trends". He mainly introduced the relevant regulations in the "Safety Production Law" and various accident types and cases, reminding everyone to pay attention to the inspection of the work site. Strengthen training to avoid safety accidents. He Qiang also discussed other potential usage scenarios of high-speed machine applications.

Ren Huili, General Manager of Zoomlion Intelligent High-speed Machine

Ren Huili, general manager of Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft, made a concluding speech, sharing the future development direction of Zoomlion's intelligent high-altitude aircraft from three aspects: equipment safety, use safety, and management safety. At the same time, he also emphasized that Zoomlion Gaoji Smart Rental System will better assist customers in digital operation and management in the future.

"Win-Win Digital Smart Future" Digital Development Forum

Explore the way of digital management of high-speed machinery

In the digital age, everything is connected. The digital transition has brought unprecedented disruptive changes to all walks of life. This is the inevitability of scientific and technological progress, the inevitability of the development of the times, and it is also a must-answer question for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

"Win-Win Digital Smart Future" Digital Development Forum

Zoomlion's intelligent high-altitude machine "win-win digital future" digital development forum is a special discussion to promote the digital management upgrade of high-altitude machine enterprises: focusing on the digital development process of the aerial work machinery industry, discussing the logic of digital transformation in an all-round way, and providing digital management solutions The program showcases successful corporate practice cases, injects stronger digital power into customers, and supports the vigorous development of customers' leasing business.

Moderator: Dong Meng, Editor-in-Chief of First Construction Machinery Network

Dong Haibin, Distinguished Expert Lecturer in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China

Mr. Dong Haibin, a distinguished expert lecturer in the field of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, took "Intelligent Manufacturing and Enterprise Digital Transformation" as the topic, and provided simple-to-understand solutions for how to do a good job in intelligent manufacturing for construction machinery manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and high-speed aircraft leasing companies .

CEO of Dita Digital Marketing Company, Doctor of Tsinghua University, Professor Ai Jun

The CEO of Dita Digital Marketing Company, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University, and Professor Ai Jun gave a keynote speech on the theme of "Digital Transformation Methods for Leasing Enterprises". The competition among high-speed aircraft leasing companies is becoming increasingly fierce, and everyone's demand for marketing is also more urgent. Teacher Ai started the topic from the perspective of digital marketing, and explained with vivid cases how traditional enterprises cracked the code of "digital marketing" and empowered new growth of enterprises.

Executive Director and General Manager of Shenli Technology Group

Cao Lan, Vice President of Xiamen Hunan Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Cao Lan, executive director and general manager of Shenli Technology Group, and vice president of Xiamen Hunan Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech on the theme of "Corporate Governance and Digital Management Practice". Taking Shenli Technology Group as the model, she briefly described how small and medium-sized enterprises can improve the level of equipment management, maintenance management, spot inspection management, and maintenance management through digital informatization, so as to empower enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.

Deputy General Manager of Xi'an Construction Engineering Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Tianjin Jinhe Leasing Yue Xuzhou

Mr. Yue Xuzhou, deputy general manager of Xi'an Jiangong Jinke Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and general manager of Tianjin Jinhe Leasing Co., Ltd., shared his views on high-speed aircraft leasing companies by analyzing his own business cases with the theme of "Leasing Enterprises' Payment Collection Tool-Centralized Operations" Manage change, and use digitalization to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Cao Yi, Digital Solution Expert of Zhongke Cloud Valley

Manager Cao Yi, an expert in digital solutions of Zhongke Cloud Valley, brought the "Zoomlion Sales and Service Digital Transformation Solution" to the guests. He introduced how to help leasing customers achieve a comprehensive upgrade of management business flow through a series of digital solutions for marketing business, financial business, risk control business, service business and big data analysis platform.

Innovation is endless

34 new intelligent high-speed aircraft debuted

In the afternoon, in Zoomlion Intelligent Industrial City Intelligent High-speed Machine Park, Zoomlion Intelligent High-level Machine opened a grand conference feast for the guests on site. Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft showcased its latest and most cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations. The new product launch conference was introduced with the infinite non-recurring decimal "π", implying that the innovation of Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed machines will never end, and symbolizing the persistent spirit of continuous exploration, pursuit and breakthrough.

Ren Huili, general manager of Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft, delivered a speech

At the meeting, Zoomlion launched 34 new products of intelligent high-speed aircraft. These products not only bring together Zoomlion's many years of research and development and manufacturing experience, but also combine cutting-edge technology with the actual needs of users. They can not only help users improve work efficiency and reduce costs, but also are safer and more reliable. They are magic weapons for high-altitude operations.

New generation: 10 "S" series scissors, 12 new straight arms, 7 curved arms

New series: 2 spider cars (ZX23AE, ZX27AE)

3 innovative high-altitude operation machines (SR-V800, the world's first high-rise curtain wall installation robot, ZTV30-1250 suction cup truck, SR-C29, the world's first intelligent high-altitude cleaning operation vehicle)

Guests visited Zoomlion Smart Industrial City Aerial Work Machinery Smart Factory

During the event, a new product display area and an experience area were set up in the Aerial Work Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Park. Zoomlion's full range of intelligent high-altitude aerial vehicles and innovative new products were all on the stage, and were "reviewed" by guests.

Guests experience Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft products

The products of Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed cranes have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions on five continents, and have a wide range of customer groups from all over the world. At the event site, in addition to hearing conversations in Chinese, English, Thai, Turkish and other foreign languages were heard from time to time. Among the crowd, foreign friends also spread among them, feeling the unique charm of new products.

The lights are on, and the music festival is on the stage

Resting the horse and staying in the clouds, sailing to intercept the sea. Adhering to the persistence in innovation and love for the industry, Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed aircraft is determined to explore and move forward bravely. Taking scientific and technological innovation as the source of power, starting from market demand, introducing new ideas, developing new technologies, launching new products, developing new scenarios, and providing new services, Zoomlion's intelligent high-speed machines insist on continuous optimization and self-breakthrough in subdivided fields, And through all-round changes in management, technology, marketing, service and development models, we will promote the digital transformation and upgrading of leasing customers, create a win-win situation with customers, and lead the high-speed aircraft industry towards the goal of high-quality development. Editor/He Yuting


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