155 projects in Baoding, Hebei started intensively
Seetao 2023-05-18 15:59
  • The total investment of this construction project is 39.04 billion yuan, and the planned investment in 2023 is 11.25 billion yuan
  • Among them, the total investment of the second-phase project of Baiyangdian River Basin Comprehensive Treatment and Ring Water System is 7.59 billion yuan
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On May 18, 2023, a total of 155 projects in Baoding, Hebei Province started construction, with a planned investment of 11.25 billion yuan in 2023, covering strategic emerging industries, traditional industry upgrading, modern service industry, agricultural industrialization, infrastructure, people's livelihood security, etc. multiple fields. Among them, there are 38 strategic emerging industry projects and 34 people's livelihood projects. There are two main venues for this intensive start-up activity, which are the site of the Huaan Industry·Baoding High-tech Digital Intelligence Valley Project in the High-tech Zone, and the site of the Baiyangdian River Basin Comprehensive Treatment and the Second Phase Project of the Ring Water System.

It is understood that in 2023, there will be 676 key construction projects above Baoding City, with a total investment of 665.83 billion yuan and an estimated annual investment of 101 billion yuan. Among them, a total of 155 key projects were started in the second batch, including 38 strategic emerging industry projects, 26 traditional industry upgrading projects, 10 service industry projects, 7 agricultural industrialization projects, 40 infrastructure projects, and livelihood projects. 34 items.

City Ring Water System Phase II Project

The Baiyangdian River Basin Comprehensive Management and City Ring Water System Phase II Project covers a total area of about 7,241 mu, with a total investment of 7.59 billion yuan. The project covers a total area of about 7,241 mu, with a total investment of 7.59 billion yuan. Construction of the remaining 36 kilometers of river courses and surrounding greenbelts. This project is an ecological project for Baoding City to promote the comprehensive management of the upper reaches of Baiyangdian Lake, a flood control project to improve urban security and resilience, and a cultural project and popular project for building a modern city with quality life. After the project is completed, the water system around the city will also become a back garden shared by the whole people, a sports field at the doorstep, and an urban reception hall of Baoding culture.

The high-tech zone signed on-site contracts with 10 Beijing companies

The high-tech zone signed on-site contracts with 10 Beijing companies to further promote the formation of a pattern of Beijing's release, Baoding's undertaking, Beijing's research and development, Baoding's transformation, and Beijing's headquarters and Baoding's supporting facilities.

It is understood that the Huaan Industry Baoding High-tech Digital Intelligence Valley project in the high-tech zone has a total investment of 1 billion yuan to create a new type of industrial cluster. It is expected that within three years of reaching production capacity, the total annual tax revenue will reach 80 million yuan. During the promotion of this project, the high-tech zone promoted the reform of standard land transfer, implemented the mode of starting construction immediately after land acquisition and issuing multiple certificates for approval, and only took 2 days to complete all the start-up procedures, creating a new speed of project approval. Editor/He Yuting


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