State Power Investment Corporation's 500 kV transmission project started

Seetao 2023-05-22 14:42
  • The project line has a total length of 206 kilometers, passing through 19 Gachas in 5 Sumu towns, and building tower bases of 900 bases
  • After completion, in addition to meeting the electricity demand of Ximeng Coal Power, it can make up for the energy gap in East China
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Recently, the State Power Investment Corporation Baiyinhua Power Plant's 500 kV transmission project officially started construction.

State Power Investment Corporation 500 kV transmission project

The 500 kV transmission project of SPIC Baiyinhua Power Plant starts from SPIC Baiyinhua Power Plant and ends at ±800 kV Ximeng Converter Station, passing through Xilin Gol League Xiwuzhumuqin Banner and Xilinhot City in Inner Mongolia. The project spans 220 kV and above power lines, Xiwu Railway and G207 National Highway 30 times, crossing 110 kV and below power lines more than 100 times. The whole line is erected according to two parallel single circuits, with a new 500 kV line of 412.4 kilometers and 944 towers, which are expected to be ready for operation by the end of 2023.

Since the planning and construction of the project, State Grid Mengdong Electric Power has continuously deepened the six-fine management requirements, and has always adhered to the direction of four modernizations. With the theme of promoting the high-quality development of power grid construction, a special project promotion team and a special coordination working group have been established to comprehensively sort out the territory Policies, reasonable planning of project construction, and careful preliminary preparations. The owner's project department actively coordinated with all parties participating in the construction, accelerated the preliminary work of the project, and accurately implemented the time node arrangement of the milestone plan, laying a solid foundation for the legal and compliant start of construction of the project.

After the project is completed and put into production, it will further improve the transmission efficiency of the Ximeng-Taizhou DC transmission channel. It can transmit 6.6 billion kWh of electricity to Jiangsu Province every year, consume about 1.89 million tons of standard coal, and meet the needs of Jiangsu power grid load growth. At the same time, the reduction of 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will play a positive role in improving the quality of the air environment in East China. It is of great strategic significance to realize the complementary advantages of national resources, improve the level of energy security and enhance energy supply capacity. Editor/He Yuting


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