The highest pressure gas well in Sichuan broke 100 million cubic meters

Seetao 2023-05-23 15:03
  • Canglangpu reservoir was discovered for the first time during the drilling of this well
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On May 23, 2023, the highest pressure gas well in the Sichuan Basin, Jiaotan 1 Well of Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company, was in safe production for 312 days, and the cumulative natural gas production exceeded 100 million cubic meters. At present, the well is being produced according to the maximum daily processing capacity of the single well purification device of 357,000 cubic meters, the oil pressure is 102.59 MPa, and the casing pressure is 40.44 MPa. The production is stable and the device is running smoothly.

Well Jiaotan 1 is a risk exploration well deployed by Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company for the three-dimensional exploration of multi-layer systems on the northern slope of the central Sichuan paleo-uplift. During the drilling process of this well, the Canglangpu reservoir was discovered for the first time, which expanded the new field of oil and gas exploration; the daily gas production in the Maokou Formation was tested to be 1.128 million cubic meters, which was a major breakthrough in the exploration of the shoal facies dolomite reservoir in the Maokou Formation in the Sichuan Basin. The shut-in pressure of this well exceeds 113 MPa, which is the highest pressure of natural gas wells in the basin; the surface natural gas desulfurization device adopts high-pressure direct complex iron desulfurization process, which is the first case of Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company.

In view of the characteristics of ultra-high pressure, sulfur content, and water production in Well Jiaotan 1, the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company, on the one hand, has done a good job in tracking the production dynamics of the well station, finding out the gas-water relationship and production laws, strengthening production adjustment exploration and trial production evaluation, and doing a good job in the operation of desulfurization equipment Tracking maintenance, optimization and adjustment, real-time monitoring and performance assessment to ensure orderly production organization and stable operation of the device. On the one hand, in accordance with the principle of "same standard and double management", implement unified QHSE management for desulfurization, electric power, gas field water shipment and other outsourced business, strengthen contractor personnel work quality supervision and skill assessment, smooth work contact mechanism, and simulate city electricity Carry out joint emergency drills for emergencies such as flash stop, device failure, process leakage, etc., to ensure the connection and linkage of each production link and functional block, operation and maintenance guarantee, and emergency response are in place. At the same time, making full use of the station’s characteristics of integrating multiple processes into one, organized gas production, purification and other professional front-line employees to the well station to learn ultra-high pressure gas well management and single-well complex iron desulfurization and other processes to expand the production capacity of Jiaotan 1 well. As well as the follow-up production of new wells in the Maokou Formation, make good technical and personnel reserves.

In the next step, the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company will continue to focus on the production organization of the well and promote the construction of the production capacity expansion project, so as to provide the basis and support for the subsequent exploration and development and reserve upgrade of the Maokou Formation in central Sichuan. The experience in the development of sulfur-water gas reservoirs and the solidification of the surface technology supporting system for the development of the Maokou Formation will lay a solid foundation for the safe and efficient development of similar wells in the future.Editor/XingWentao


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