Start the brand of Chinese vocational education along the Belt and Road
Seetao 2023-05-25 09:03
  • With the emergence of Luban Workshop, China has its own business card in Ethiopia's vocational education assistance
  • It is the original intention of Luban Workshop to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents that meet the urgent needs of economic and social development for the country where the partner is located.
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Before becoming a teacher of Luban Workshop, Gao Yang, who is currently the deputy director of the Luban Workshop International Development Research Center of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, had been teaching in Ethiopia for almost 10 years. Gao Yang said that we initially provided technical aid teaching at the Ethiopian Technical University. The university, aided by China, is the only institution of higher learning in the country that trains vocational teachers, and is committed to training vocational teachers and technical talents for East African countries.

Gao Yang said that after they returned to China, the then Deputy Minister of Vocational Education of the Ethiopian Ministry of Education specifically proposed during his visit to China that Gao Yang and Jiang Jiang (Gao Yang’s husband) would return to Ethiopia again, and the visit would last for 10 years.

China and Egypt work together to overcome difficulties

The Ethiopian Luban Workshop was signed in September 2020 and successfully unveiled in April 2021. It is jointly constructed by Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University and Ethiopian Technical University. It focuses on four major technical directions: industrial sensors, mechatronics, industrial control, and industrial robots.

Efficient promotion is inseparable from the active cooperation of schools in China and Egypt. After the signing was completed, the Egyptian school quickly emptied the original experimental equipment, and under the condition of limited production level, carried out high-standard construction according to the drawings provided by the Chinese school. At the time of the epidemic, it was not easy to solve problems such as equipment transportation, customs clearance, installation, and teacher dispatch in a short period of time. Gao Yang said: Whether it is the Ethiopian school, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, or the Ethiopian customs, they are doing their best to help us transport the teaching equipment to Ethiopia as soon as possible. Chinese schools also quickly integrated teachers, using Chinese teachers in Egypt to provide online training for local teachers.

Photo In June 2021, the Ethiopian Minister of Higher Education and representatives of the Ministry of Education visited the Ethiopian Luban Workshop

Support the development of local vocational education

Due to the gap between the local education level and the country, Luban Workshop had to explore a localized teaching path. In this context, the engineering experiment innovation project proposed by Professor Lv Jingquan, vice president of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, has become an educational model throughout the construction of the Ethiopian Luban Workshop.

Gao Yang said that they have been teaching for many years, and they have been looking for an education model suitable for local students. The EPIP model has effectively solved the problems they encountered and met the local teaching needs.

The engineering experiment innovation project not only teaches students theoretical knowledge, but also pays more attention to practical hands-on operation. In the spare time in the evening, we conduct science and technology groups and lead the students to do projects. Gao Yang said that the students used the knowledge learned in the classroom to receive the project of making LED light signs and made money. They ran back very happily, bowed as soon as they entered the room, and said thank you teacher, which is really useful!

At present, the Ethiopian Luban Workshop has trained more than 300 students, many of whom have participated in the key teacher training have graduated and have devoted themselves to local teaching activities. In the World Robot Championships to be held in September 2021, all five Ethiopian key teachers from the Ethiopian Luban Workshop won awards.

In September 2021, the backbone teachers trained by Ethiopian Luban Workshop participated in the 2021 World Robot Contest Championship and won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronzes.

Start the brand of Chinese vocational education

The emergence of Luban Workshop has given China its own business card in Ethiopian vocational education assistance. Like developed countries such as Germany and Japan, China has long provided technical assistance in Ethiopia. Ethiopians know that Germany brought them a dual vocational training model, and Japan taught them KAIZEN, which means continuous improvement in Japanese. But when it comes to China, people can't find any general words. It wasn't until the establishment of Luban Workshop that we found a home for what we have been doing. Gao Yang said.

Since the launch of the Ethiopian Luban Workshop, it has received more than 50 batches of more than 1,000 delegations from the United Nations, the African Union Headquarters, East African government university delegations, ministerial delegations from various ministries and commissions in Ethiopia, representatives from various Ethiopian universities, student representatives, and social groups. The number of people visited and studied on the spot. It was established by the Human Resources Development Committee of the African Union Headquarters as a technical and technical talent training center for the whole of Africa, serving the World Bank project of vocational education integration in East Africa, and became one of 16 vocational colleges in four countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. An important base for the school to train high-level teachers.

Photo In April 2023, local teachers from Ethiopian Luban Workshop gave lectures for teacher training in East African vocational colleges participating in the third phase of the EASTRIP project

Ethiopian Minister of Labor and Skills Muferiyat Kamil Ahmed stated at the main forum of the World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference in August 2022 that he strongly hopes to expand the scale of the Luban Workshop established in Ethiopia , so that it can cover all regions of the country.

It is the original intention and mission of Luban Workshop to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents that meet the urgent needs of economic and social development for the country where the partner is located. The Ethiopian Luban Workshop not only provided the local area with advanced experimental equipment, but also sent high-quality educational resources such as courses developed in China, which helped local youth improve their personal skills and optimize the quality of vocational teachers, and improved the overall development level of local vocational education. It has promoted local economic and social development and improved people's livelihood. It is an important measure of capacity building in the eight major action initiatives of China and Africa, and it is also an important achievement in promoting high-quality vocational education to go out in the construction of the Belt and Road.Editor/Ma Xue


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