Xi Jinping: Join Hands to Create a New Situation for Asia-Europe Cooperation

Seetao 2023-05-26 10:06
  • China has always sought common development with Eurasian and other countries
  • Many cooperative projects in the fields of infrastructure, economics, trade and investment along the Belt and Road are of great significance to the development of countries along the route
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On May 24, 2023, President Xi Jinping was invited to attend and deliver a speech at the opening ceremony of the second Eurasian Economic Forum Plenary Session of the Eurasian Economic Union via video.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and the historical trend of world multi-polarization and economic globalization is irresistible. Adhering to genuine multilateralism and promoting coordinated regional development is a broad consensus of the international community. The Eurasian continent is the region with the largest population, the largest number of countries and the most diverse civilizations in the world. In the face of a turbulent and changing world, how should Asia-Europe cooperate? This is not only related to the well-being of the people in the region, but also profoundly affects the development trend of the world. 2023 is the tenth anniversary of my joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. The fundamental starting point and goal of this initiative is to explore new ways to develop together with distant relatives and neighbors, and to open up a path of happiness that benefits all countries and the world.

Xi Jinping emphasized that, as a member of the Asia-Europe family, China's development cannot be separated from the Asia-Europe region, and it will also benefit the Asia-Europe region. China sincerely hopes that the cooperation between the joint construction of the Belt and Road and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union will be deepened and solid, and that all countries will unite, cooperate and work together to create a new situation for Asia-Europe cooperation. In the second half of 2023, China will host the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. China is willing to work with the Belt and Road countries and the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union to continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and win-win results, share opportunities, overcome difficulties, create a better future, and write a new chapter of civilization and progress in a multi-polar world .

The 2nd Eurasian Economic Forum of the Eurasian Economic Union was held in Moscow, Russia on May 24 in an online and offline manner, with the theme of Eurasian integration in a multipolar world.Editor/Ma Xue


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