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  • Create a clean culture atmosphere in various aspects by holding clean theme days and giving clean items
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In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promote the development of the party's work style and clean government and the anti-corruption work in a vertical direction, and further guide all party members and cadres to build a solid ideological defense line and keep the bottom line of integrity, the Disciplinary Committee of the Greater Bay Area Company of the China Railway 25th Bureau combined The special action of "strengthening the work style construction year" takes the "anti-corruption publicity and education month" as an opportunity to establish the "five consciousnesses" and rectify the "five kinds of "Ethos", taking multiple measures to create a strong atmosphere of advocating integrity, learning integrity, advocating integrity, and keeping integrity.

Theme Party Day "Talk" about Integrity

"Strictness must be the norm, and there is no rule without rules." On May 17, the first and second party branches of the company headquarters in the Greater Bay Area launched a clean party day with the theme of "strengthening style, improving quality, and promoting development" During the activities, during the discussions and exchanges, the party members and cadres were full of enthusiasm and passion, combined with the actual work and job responsibilities, spoke enthusiastically, and actively discussed the issue of honest employment.

At the meeting, all party members and cadres studied the important expositions on the construction of party conduct and clean government in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and analyzed typical cases of violations of regulations and disciplines to further build the foundation of belief, tighten the string of discipline, Fulfill the responsibilities that should be fulfilled, and always remain sober and determined to rush for the exam.

Afterwards, the party members and cadres also took an oath of integrity, watched the integrity propaganda and education film "Forever Blowing the Charge", and created integrity-themed works. "This cleanliness-themed party day is different from the past. Everyone draws a long scroll on cleanliness, handwrites cleanliness calligraphy on the spot, and improvises cleanliness clay...Party members and cadres convey their feelings with calligraphy and painting, and express their ambitions with pen and ink. , We have also increased our knowledge." Party member Chen Peijia said unsatisfactorily.

Daily cheap words "ring" the alarm

"The status is lofty, and the sun and the moon pass over our shoulders every time. The door is open, and the mountains and rivers are always seen in the palm of your hand." , a series of "Daily Incorruptible Words" cleanliness reminders came into view, the content was short, but the meaning was profound, to educate the majority of party members and cadres to behave cleanly and do things cleanly. "I feel that there is always someone around me reminding me to be cautious and pay attention to small things, so I always urge myself to tighten the string of discipline." Employee Tan Yanbin said.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to further promote the construction of honesty education and culture, create a good fashion in the company to be proud of honesty and shameful of corruption, and promote the honesty of party members and cadres, the company's discipline inspection committee follows the principle of "early detection, early reminder, and early correction". Regularly publish an integrity reminder through the WeChat public account "Daily Integrity" column, normalize and institutionalize daily integrity education, remind and educate party members and cadres to abide by political discipline and rules, and prevent corruption from breeding at the source.

Showcase of Cheap Words of the Day

"We have targeted and timely sent integrity reminders to party members and leading cadres through the WeChat public account, typical cases of violations of regulations, disciplines and laws, etc., and achieved grass-roots integrity education reminders 'all-weather' and 'no going out', covering 'no dead ends' and no blind spots ', to achieve the effect of ringing the alarm bell and reminding people to always be there, and creating a good atmosphere for doing business and starting a business." Fang Fei, secretary of the company's discipline inspection committee, said.

Small pen holder "big" alert

"Right way and right conduct, self-discipline and others", sitting at the work station, the concept of integrity culture engraved on the pen holder on the desk is shining brightly, Xiong Feng, who has just turned into a party member, recites these eight words silently in his heart, reminding himself to perform his duties responsibly , Build a clean and honest ideological defense line.

On the occasion of the "Anti-corruption Propaganda and Education Month", in order to vigorously create a clean and honest cultural atmosphere, the company's discipline inspection committee specially customized a clean pen holder, and presented a "special gift" to party members and leading cadres.

clean pen holder

Integrity Pen Holder has a boxy appearance, with a lotus pattern symbolizing incorruptibility, and engraved with the cultural concept of incorruptibility, implying integrity, observance of rules and regulations, and integrity. It combines serious integrity education with lively artistry, and is suitable for daily use. Remind from time to time, teach with reason, and teach with fun.

"The clean pen holder is like an alarm clock. When you sit at your desk, you will see it when you take a pen to sign, and you will see it with a casual glance. It reminds you to be clear about right and wrong, honest and greedy, warning and persuasion. I exercise the power in my hands correctly, do good things, and avoid accidents.” The party members and leading cadres of the company are very satisfied with this “little alarm clock”. "Now, the 'integrity consciousness starts from the first pen I pick up in the pen holder every day, and it circles in my mind repeatedly, reminding myself all the time..."

Families help clean and honest

Thousands of miles give the breeze, and cleanliness comes into the house. Recently, the Disciplinary Committee Work Department of the Greater Bay Area Company came to the Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute project to carry out family clean-keeping activities. They donated the family tradition construction textbooks purchased by "Qingfeng Biography" and "Strictly Governing the Family" to the employees' families in Tsinghua Park. "After receiving these books, I will take the examples in the books as an example and pay more attention to the construction of a clean family." Xu Jun, a project worker, said.

Family Integrity Activities

"Build a family with integrity, be the builder of a happy family", "Adjust the family with integrity, be the guardian of a safe family", "pass on the family style, and be the advocate of a clean family". During the event, the family members signed the "Letter of Commitment to Helping Family Integrity", which further guides the families of party members and cadres to consciously participate in the construction of a good family tradition. The family members all expressed that they would give full play to the active role of family members in the fight against corruption and uphold integrity, extend the integrity beyond the families of party members and leading cadres and the "eight hours", and be good "goalkeepers" and "clean internal helpers".

There is no water without a source and a tree without roots in the world. The healthy growth of every child benefits from the nourishment of a good family tradition and education. This time, the family help cleanliness activity specially invited the children of employees to participate. Not only small gifts are given to the children, but also painting, handicrafts and other links are arranged to entertain and educate the children, so that the children can feel the culture of honesty and integrity in their creations and fasten the first button of life.

"Our purpose is to guide party members and leading cadres to continue to build a solid foundation of belief, replenish the calcium of the spirit, keep the rudder of thought steady, tighten the 'master switch' of ideals and beliefs, and consciously resist corruption ideologically and eliminate Corruption, stay away from corruption." Fang Fei said. Editor/He Yuting


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