Carmela: Thanks to Chinese colleagues for their encouragement and support
Seetao 2023-05-29 16:49
  • Carmela's story is a microcosm of the company's process of deepening localization in overseas markets
  • While promoting local development, project performance is also telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture
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Talking about the difference between Chinese companies and local companies, Carmela Aucena said: The Chinese colleagues work very hard. To achieve the project goals, everyone puts 100% of their energy and enthusiasm into it. There are many places worthy of serious study in my life . She said that in the past few years of staying in the Jiangxi Hydropower Project Management Team, her professional level has been greatly improved, her personality has become cheerful and flexible, and her communication with others has become smoother. These changes are all due to the Chinese colleagues who work together. With their help, care, and company, I have made great progress in work, study, and life.

Accompanying progress in learning

She is fortunate to work with the Jiangxi Hydro project management team. It was one of those big decisions that she won't regret and I will always be happy and full of it. Camela has worked for Jiangxi Hydropower for more than 3 years since she joined the field engineer of Huawei's 5G base station project in the Philippines.

Talking about why she chose Jiangxi Hydropower in the first place, Carmela said that she was very interested in Chinese culture when she was still in school. I am studying civil engineering, and I want to learn new professional skills and understand Chinese corporate culture in a Chinese company. As it turned out, that was a pretty good start. She said that Chinese employees would exchange views face to face and help each other if they had any problems at work. Another important reason is that China has become the main driving force of world economic growth, and I am very proud to work for a Chinese company.

In the early days of entering the project department, Carmela was assigned to work in central and northern Luzon, assigned to Ilocos South and Ilocos North for on-site management, and later worked in Manila. Responsible for managing the installation of Huawei base stations in the area and the quality and safety of the project on a daily basis, supervising and guiding the on-site operators to carry out the project construction, and submitting reports on the progress of the project. After working every day, she will communicate with the on-site foreman in time, arrange the work for the next day, collect the problems in the work, and coordinate and analyze with the Chinese colleagues in the first time, so as to solve the problems as quickly as possible. In order to ensure the efficient advancement of the construction progress of the project.

When she first arrived in the project department, the introverted Carmela was timid and reticent. Everyone cared about her and enlightened her from all sides, and even deliberately found some reasons to communicate with her about work and life. Actively learn Chinese so that I can quickly understand and execute work instructions. When she was at her lowest point, her Chinese colleagues provided her with great encouragement and support in work and life.

Working together through thick and thin

In order to learn new knowledge, Carmela actively participated in the whole process of base station construction in addition to her assigned work. She often humbly consults and communicates with the Chinese chief engineer and technicians at the construction site. When encountering difficulties and difficulties in the construction, she will calm down and analyze them calmly, find out various possibilities to solve the problems, and then solve the problems with the best method.

Carmela's conscientious and responsible attitude is obvious to all. As long as there are issues related to construction quality and safety, even small things are serious. There was a sub-base station tower positioning anchor bolts. She was careful and found that the height difference of the same group of bolts was large, and they were not at the same level. She immediately stopped the construction of a process, and called the foreman to the site to explain the relevant work essentials in detail, and required adjustments to be made in strict accordance with the quality standards. Therefore, in the subsequent construction process, there has never been a similar error in the positioning of the iron tower bolts.

While working in Mindanao, one electrical professional asked for leave, and the construction schedule was relatively tight. Carmela, who was studious, took the initiative to take people to install no-navigation lights and wall lights. Because I am not an electrical major, I don't know much about the working principle of the no-navigation light. She also used the Internet to search for the installation process and information about the no-navigation lights, and how to use the light sensor, etc., and finally led people to complete the installation of the no-navigation and wall lights. She herself also has a sense of accomplishment for learning new knowledge. Very happy.

During the pouring of the foundation of the Smart Base Station M2010, commercial mixed vehicles could not reach the foundation pit for pouring because of the steep and narrow roads at the site. In order to ensure the quality of concrete pouring, Chinese construction workers and Carmela organized three shifts of personnel to pour continuously for 36 hours, completing 110 cubic meters of concrete pouring. They have been sticking to the site, supervising the ratio of concrete ingredients.

During her tenure as the supervisory engineer of the Jiangxi Hydropower Philippines PTO Phase II supervision project, Carmela had to assist various professional leaders to review the online documents of the manufacturer every day, and also went to the site to sample the quality and construction safety of the project, conceal the side station and acceptance of the project, and write The supervisory log reports the actual situation on site, etc. At the construction site, she often helps the construction team explain the construction drawings and requires them to strictly follow the construction drawings. Build a communication bridge between the Chinese project department, the Philippine owner and the foreign construction team, so that the progress of the project construction can achieve better results.

Unlike others, she speaks English fluently, is smart and dedicated, and patiently guides the field workers to carry out their work. This down-to-earth and dedicated girl is often praised by Chinese and foreign managers.

love in life

Carmela has many brothers and sisters, and she ranks ninth. Before graduating from Luzon National University majoring in civil engineering, she only worked as an intern in a local private construction company. She joined the Jiangxi Hydropower Philippines construction project management team for more than three years. Her professional level has been greatly improved. Great improvement. She said that in the past, her brothers and sisters were all proud of being able to work in companies such as Europe. Now that China is developing rapidly, she feels very lucky to be a member of a Chinese company. Her classmates and girlfriends are very envious when they hear that I work in a Chinese company.

When it comes to China, Carmela has endless things to say. She often browses China's tourist attractions and China's advanced and complete infrastructure on the Internet. She said that she especially wants to visit Shanghai, a modern city.

Chinese companies and Chinese colleagues are very humanistic. During the peak period of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, foreign employees and I felt the company's care and protection for employees. During the construction of the project, Carmela spent most of her time working and living with Chinese employees. She was not used to Chinese food at first, but later she gradually fell in love with various Chinese delicacies. Although some dishes are very spicy, she also likes them. Especially in the past two years, she stayed on the construction site to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Chinese employees. She missed the scenes of everyone writing Spring Festival couplets and pasting Spring Festival couplets, making dishes, making dumplings, and watching the Spring Festival Gala, which made her feel the strong Chinese New Year flavor. Chinese humanistic feelings.

Carmela is always emotional when talking about the old days. I often think of the bits and pieces of working with Chinese colleagues, growing up with their help and love, which is unforgettable forever... In fact, the employees in the project department are also very grateful to Carmela for her contribution in project performance. Her story is not only an individual among the many foreign friends in the company's overseas projects, but also a microcosm of the company's process of deepening the localization of overseas markets. While promoting local development, the performance of engineering projects is also telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture. Editor/He Yuting


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