Strategic construction
China to achieve first manned moon landing by 2030
Seetao 2023-05-30 15:28
  • Complete multiple tasks to form an independent manned lunar exploration capability
  • Carry out lunar scientific investigations and related technical experiments, and make breakthroughs in manned Earth-Moon round trips
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Exploring the moon may be the key to the depths of the universe, and the moon is the best training and departure base, from which humans can go to farther places.

Lin Xiqiang, spokesperson of the China Manned Space Project: Chang'e's flight to the moon is a well-known myth and legend in China, but it is a vivid pursuit of the Chinese nation to overcome difficulties and challenge itself. At present, China has fully completed and started operating the space station, but the pace of Chinese space exploration will go further. Recently, the mission of my country's manned lunar exploration project to land on the moon has been launched. The overall goal is to realize the first Chinese landing on the moon by 2030, carry out lunar scientific investigations and related technical experiments, make breakthroughs and master key technologies such as manned ground-to-moon round trips, short-term stays on the lunar surface, and joint human-machine exploration, and complete the "landing, patrolling, etc. It will form an independent manned lunar exploration capability. Editor/Xu Shengpeng


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