Weisu high-speed rail project can report and get approval

Seetao 2023-05-30 17:24
  • The total length of the Weisu high-speed railway is about 399 kilometers, with a total of 12 stations and a design speed of 350km/h
  • After completion, it will promote efficient linkage among Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shandong Peninsula, and Yangtze River Delta regions
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Recently, the feasibility study report on the new Weifang-Suqian high-speed railway was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, which means that the preliminary work of the Weifang-Suqian high-speed railway has made significant progress and laid an important foundation for the start of construction as scheduled.

Weisu high-speed rail

The Weisu high-speed railway is an integral part of the Beijing-Shanghai auxiliary channel in the medium and long-term railway network planning, and is a construction project of the national "14th Five-Year Railway Development Plan". The line starts from Weifang City in Shandong Province, goes south through Rizhao City and Linyi City in Shandong Province, Xuzhou City and Suqian City in Jiangsu Province, with a total length of about 399 kilometers and an estimated total investment of 76.05 billion yuan. Weifang North Station, Anqiu Station, Zhucheng West Station, Wulian North Station, Juxian North Station, Yinan Station, Linyi North Station, Lanling Station, Tancheng West Station, Xinyi East Station, Suqian East Station, Yang Hebei Station (Yuexing Station) has a total of 12 stations.

The construction of the Weisu high-speed railway can speed up the formation of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway auxiliary passage and the Hefei-Qingdao high-speed railway passage, improve the layout of the regional high-speed railway network, alleviate the tight transportation capacity of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, and improve the transportation infrastructure conditions along the line, and promote the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. , The integrated development of the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration and the Yangtze River Delta region is of positive significance.

Weisu high-speed railway to start before the end of the year

On May 9, the Linyi Municipal People's Government Information Office held the 13th Press Conference on Endeavor 2023. At this conference, the Weifang-Suqian section of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail auxiliary channel was confirmed to start before the end of the year, which means that Beijing-Shanghai The last section of the second line of the high-speed rail is about to be seen. According to the news release, Linyi will build a railway network connecting internally and externally. Start the Weifang-Suqian section of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway auxiliary channel before the end of the year, accelerate the planning and construction of the Dongjiakou-Yishui railway, and strive to include the Laiwu-Linyi high-speed railway into the national railway construction plate.

According to reports, the Weifang-Suqian high-speed railway is the final section of the second line of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The second line of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is a multi-section high-speed railway connection line. After combing, it is found that the planning and construction process from north to south is as follows: the Beijing-Tianjin section of the Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway was opened to traffic in August 2008, and the Tianjin-Weijing section from Tianjin to Weifang The high-speed railway will start in January 2023, the Weisu high-speed railway from Weifang to Suqian will start construction before the end of 2023, the Suqian-Huai'an section of the Xuyan high-speed railway will be opened to traffic in December 2019, and the Huai'an-Yangzhou section of the Lianzhen high-speed railway will start in December 2020 The Yangzhou-Nantong section of the North Riverside High-speed Railway has been opened to traffic on September 28, 2022, and the Nantong-Shanghai section of the Shanghai-Sutong Railway has been opened to traffic in July 2020.

It can be seen that in the second line of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Tianjin, Suqian to Huai'an, Huai'an to Yangzhou, Shanghai-Sutong high-speed railway and other sections have been completed and opened to traffic. At present, there are still three sections that have not been completed: Jinwei high-speed railway, Weisu high-speed railway and Yangzhou to Nantong Among them, the Tianjin-Wei high-speed railway line will officially start construction in January 2023. Prior to this, the Dongying Yellow River Highway and Railway Bridge, the controlling project of the Jinwei high-speed railway project, one bridge and one tunnel, was completed in October 2022, and the Jingu Haihe Tunnel in Tianjin was officially completed at the end of November 2022. Entering the construction stage; the Jiangsu section of the North River High-speed Railway will start in September 2022. From the point of view of time, the Weisu high-speed railway, which will start construction at the end of 2023, is the latest high-speed railway to start construction.

Not only that, the Weisu high-speed railway will also be the last high-speed railway project completed in the second line of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Public bidding information shows that among the three sections of high-speed rail that have not yet been completed, the Jinwei high-speed railway is planned to be completed by the end of October 2027; the Yangzhou-Nantong section is planned to be completed in 2027, and the final completion date of the Weisu high-speed railway is June 2028. Editor/He Yuting


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