Protect the ocean and forest, create a beautiful ecological business card

Seetao 2023-06-26 10:31
  • Mangrove ecological restoration project is the first blue bay project in Qinzhou
  • Realize natural restoration and transformation of mangroves, ecological restoration of seabird habitats, purification of bay water quality, and ecological restoration of shorelines
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Seagulls and egrets soar between the sea and the sky, with patches of mangrove forests swaying with the sea breeze and rustling leaves... With the unremitting efforts of the builders of CCCC First Highway Fourth Company, the meandering distribution of mangrove forests is perfectly embedded on the 5.3 kilometer bank of the Jingu River, becoming the sea guardians guarding this beautiful bay, forming a unique scenic line.

In August 2020, China's first special action plan for the protection and restoration of mangroves was introduced, clarifying the comprehensive protection of existing mangroves. In May 2021, the company undertook the comprehensive ecological renovation and restoration project of Jingu Kangan Line. The project involves ecological restoration, mangrove ecological protection, landscape construction on both banks and other fields. Among them, the comprehensive ecological renovation and restoration project of Jingu Kangan Line (Phase I) - mangrove ecological restoration project is the first blue bay project in Qinzhou City, and also a key project for Qinzhou City to develop the sea economy.

Get close to mangroves and create a treasure trove of popular science

With the theme of mangrove science popularization and the Blue Bay Action, the underground floor of the stands is reasonably arranged with three major sections: the miracle of nature, the home of multiple organisms, and the defense between land and sea.

In fact, mangroves, like other forests, are green. They have developed root systems with different functions, firmly grasping the ground and standing firm even when ravaged by wind and waves. The commentator introduces the mangrove wetland landscape environment and biodiversity to tourists, which is also the most important part of the entire exhibition hall. In addition, the exhibition hall also takes into account functions such as artistic scenes, data monitoring, creative workshops, and teaching and research activities, creating an independent scientific and technological innovation space that integrates ocean and mangrove research and learning, becoming a valuable place to effectively enhance public awareness of marine environmental protection.

Planting with Care and Caring for Ocean Green Lung

On one side, there is a gathering of gulls and egrets, resting on sandbars or foraging and playing, while on the other side, machines roar and construction is hot. On the blue coast, a painting of harmonious coexistence between builders and nature is slowly unfolding in the hands of CCCC builders. Mangroves have the reputation of being 'green lungs of the ocean' and play an important role in purifying seawater, preventing wind and waves, maintaining biodiversity, sequestering carbon and storing carbon, "project leader Wang Bifei introduced as he looked at the lush green mangroves in front of him.

The construction site of the project belongs to the autonomous region level protection area and is close to the mangrove natural growth area. During the construction process, the project team took multiple measures to strictly implement the three simultaneous requirements of environmental protection, conduct comprehensive disclosure training, arrange special personnel to patrol the mangrove coast, and at the same time, prevent rainwater from polluting the mangrove growth area with mud by covering Geotextile, compacting sandbags, and digging drainage ditches, Make every effort to maintain the original landscape from damage.

Opening a small lecture hall to solve planting problems

At first, we planted mangroves as ordinary trees on land, but we were taught a lesson by reality. The experience of the first planting failure left a vivid memory for the project staff, Chen Guo. In response, the Qinzhou project group in Guangxi carried out an exchange and teaching activity on mangrove planting technology, inviting experts to give lectures to project employees. In class, experts gave vivid and detailed lectures on the ecological value, basic growth characteristics, living environment, seedling reproduction, planting foundation, and maintenance management of mangrove plants, and proposed improvement suggestions.

After professional training in small classrooms, we consider multiple factors to make choices when raising seedlings. "The builders summarize their experience from repeated failures, constantly learning, exploring, and practicing. Hard work pays off to those who are willing. As of now, 2.1 million saplings have grown vigorously on the banks of the Jingu River.

The project takes brand building as its own responsibility, attaches importance to ecological and environmental protection construction, and has won many honors such as safe, civilized and standardized construction site in Qinzhou City, green demonstration site in Guangxi, and safe, civilized and standardized construction site. Next, the project will continue to learn and optimize planting technology, continue to promote the construction of mangrove ecological restoration project in the Jingu River area, realize the natural restoration and transformation of mangroves, ecological restoration of seabird habitat, purification of water quality in the bay, and ecological shoreline, further improve the hydrodynamic conditions in the bay, restore wetland area, restore ecology and function, and create a clean, green and beautiful Jingu Kangan Line, Contribute to the high-quality development of enterprises. Editor/Xie Li


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