Delivery of 1200 ton wind power installation platform for Chinese ships
Seetao 2023-07-27 16:09
  • The platform deck adopts a through design, which can meet the storage requirements of the largest offshore wind turbine in China
  • Huaxia Jinzhu Shenda 01 1200 ton self elevating wind power installation platform with a length of 106.6 meters, a width of 44.2 meters, and a depth of 8.45 meters
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On July 25, 2023, the 1200 ton self elevating wind power installation platform of Huaxia Jinzhu Shenda 01, built by China Shipbuilding Wuhan Shipbuilding Machinery General Contractor, was delivered to Qingdao Haixi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. This is currently the cylindrical pile leg wind power installation platform with the longest pile leg, the highest operating depth, the highest main crane height, the most comprehensive functions, and the highest efficiency in China.

Huaxia Jinzushenda 01 platform integrates the advanced technologies of jack up platform, lifting platform and fan installation platform at home and abroad, and is at the leading level in the industry in terms of lifting capacity, operating efficiency, overall integration, mobility, operating stability and viability. The platform is 106.6 meters long, 44.2 meters wide and 8.45 meters deep. The deck area is equivalent to 11 Basketball court, equipped with a 1200 ton pile winding crane A 300 ton pile winding crane and four sets of continuous hydraulic pin lifting systems, with a maximum operating depth of 60 meters, are suitable for unlimited navigation and operational requirements, and are another sharp tool for China to develop far-reaching offshore wind power resources.

Its pile leg length reaches 110 meters, which is the longest cylindrical leg in China. The main hook is 150 meters away from the deck, and the auxiliary hook reaches 175 meters, setting a record for the entire lifting height. The pile shoe adopts a super large design, with a shallow depth of penetration into the mud, which is beneficial for pulling out the pile.

The operation deck of this platform adopts a through design, which can meet the storage requirements of the largest offshore wind turbine in China and can accommodate 90 people at the same time. The main crane of the platform has a lifting load of 1200 tons and can achieve the lifting and installation of 16 MW wind turbine blades, equivalent to lifting 240 adult elephants 50 floors high at once.

This project was signed on June 21, 2022, started on August 20, 2022, and will be delivered today. From signing the contract to delivering the ship, it took 13 months, and the entire construction cycle was 11 months, setting a record in the history of ship machinery and also setting a record for the construction of similar products in China. Editor/Zhao E


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