Qinghai Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity Project Launched

Seetao 2023-08-07 08:55
  • Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity is close to Gobi New Energy Base in Hainan, with a total investment of 15.94 billion yuan
  • The power station plans to install 8 350000 kW reversible units and connect them to the Qinghai power grid through a 750 kV transmission line
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On August 6, 2023, the reporter from Jiandao.com learned from the State Grid that the construction of Qinghai Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity, the largest Pumped-storage hydroelectricity in Western China, was officially started.

Project Introduction

Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity is located in Guinan County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, close to the Gobi New Energy Base in Hainan, with a total investment of 15.94 billion yuan. The power station utilizes the Laxiwa Reservoir on the main stream of the Yellow River as the lower reservoir, installs 8 350000 kW reversible units, and connects to the Qinghai power grid through a 750 kV transmission line.

Liu Yongqi, director of the Pumped Storage and New Energy Business Department of the State Grid, said that Pumped-storage hydroelectricity made up the gap of Pumped-storage hydroelectricity in Qinghai Province. Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity will store 20 million kilowatt hours of energy, which will play an important role in the high proportion of clean energy transmission in Qinghai Province and the safe and stable operation of the Northwest Power Grid.

In addition to the Warang Pumped-storage hydroelectricity, the State Grid also started the construction of the Yushu and Golog second circuit 330 kV line project in Qinghai, as well as the T-mouth 750 kV power transmission and transformation project, with a total investment of 5.53 billion yuan.

Chen Yun, Director of the Development Planning Department of State Grid Qinghai Provincial Electric Power Company, stated that after the completion of the Yushu and Guoluo Second Circuit Line Project, it will provide more reliable electricity security for the production development and improvement of local farmers and herdsmen. The Dingzikou 750 kV power transmission and transformation project connects with the Haixi New Energy Base, which is of great significance in ensuring the export of green electricity in Qinghai and helping Qinghai to build a national clean energy industry highland. Editor/Zhao E


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