Shantui Jianyou Participated in the 3rd World Concrete and Mortar Exhibition

Seetao 2023-08-16 17:40
  • Shantui Jianyou actively responds to new industry standards and requirements
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From August 14th to 16th, 2023, the 3rd World Concrete and Mortar Exhibition with the theme of green, low-carbon, and intelligent manufacturing for the future successfully kicked off in Guangzhou. Shantui Jianyou participated as an exhibition consultant unit.

At the beginning of the exhibition, it attracted a large number of exhibitors and customers. Zhang Taishan received customers on-site, introduced Shantui Jianyou's representative green and environmental protection products, and had on-site exchanges on customer needs and early service conditions; Subsequently, participated in the 2023 Concrete Industry High Quality Development Seminar.

At the reception window, the staff also warmly explained and communicated with the visitors who arrived at the booth for consultation, allowing them to have a deeper impression and understanding of Shantui Jianyou.

Fu Zhongxuan, President of the Concrete Machinery Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and his delegation visited the Linshan Jianyou booth for guidance and exchange. With the continuous deepening of the national green, low-carbon and circular development economy and green construction requirements, the construction market has also put forward higher requirements for the quality indicators of concrete and mortar. Shantui Jianyou actively responds to new industry standards and requirements, bringing the D-series urban energy-saving commercial mixed station model to the exhibition, conveying the concept of green development, and making a call for practical actions to achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".

Shantui Jianyou D series urban energy-saving commercial mixing stations have the characteristics of small footprint, high packaging efficiency, and flexible site layout. The top mounted powder silo, patented high-precision measurement, efficient belt conveyor transportation, energy-saving air duct transportation system, and uniform and efficient mixing host have greatly improved the quality of concrete for customers, making them an essential tool for green development in the industry.

This exhibition better showcases the green development concept of Shantui Jianyou products, understands new trends and requirements in the industry, and provides favorable conditions for enhancing Shantui Jianyou's competitiveness. Next, Shantui Jianyou will continue to conscientiously carry out the reception work for subsequent exhibitions and contribute to expanding the market.Editor/XingWentao


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