High temperatures are coming, BYD forklifts are fearless of grilling inspection

Seetao 2023-08-18 16:24
  • BYD Forklift creates diversified products that meet the extreme operating conditions of users in various fields
  • The impact of climate change has had a profound impact on the entire world, and this impact will accompany humanity for a long time, but this does not mean that there will be no turning point in the future
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The frequent mountain fires in North America, the recurrence of El Nino in the Pacific Ocean, and the historical droughts, hurricanes, and rainstorm disasters have also been raging in China. Since the beginning of summer this year, the high temperature heat wave has continued to sweep across the northern hemisphere, and dozens of countries have suffered from persistent high temperature weather. At the beginning of July, the global average temperature has broken the historical record for three consecutive times, making July 2023 the hottest month on earth since records began.

UN Secretary General Guterres has warned that the hypothesis of global warming has come true and the era of global boiling has arrived. It can be foreseen that the continued scorching heat pattern in the future will pose a severe test to the global economic and energy situation, and people and equipment working outdoors and in enclosed environments will face an ultimate challenge. A new energy equipment solution that achieves low-carbon emissions reduction through clean energy and leads efficiency improvement through intelligent technology progress will become a must-have in the field of global enterprise logistics and warehousing.

The steel camel caravan gallops endlessly.

As one of the leaders in the field of new energy transportation for many years, BYD Forklift has always focused on the iterative task of green and efficient transportation products, committed to creating diversified products that meet the extreme operating conditions of users in various fields.

With its self-developed and globally leading new energy three electric technology, BYD Forklift has created numerous advanced handling products, including balanced weight forklifts and intelligent handling robots. While achieving pollution-free operation, zero emissions, and reducing carbon emissions for enterprises, it also ensures the efficient operation of the enterprise's logistics handling system under the scorching sun.

Under the scorching temperature, the heat overload and reduced endurance of the handling equipment are the primary problems faced by the logistics front line. BYD Forklift uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries as its energy core, combined with advanced electronic control technologies such as BMS battery management system and balance control technology, to effectively reduce equipment heat generation, maintain internal heat balance, and ensure continuous working ability at high temperatures; Its advantages of long endurance, fast charging, and high temperature resistance make BYD forklifts a high-temperature savior for heavy-duty manufacturing, ports, and other high-intensity, long-term heavy working conditions enterprises, like steel camels transporting precious materials to people in the scorching heat

In terms of safety, BYD forklifts also cannot be careless. In response to the frequent spontaneous combustion events in summer, BYD Forklift adheres to advanced technology to reduce risks in addition to strictly controlling equipment heat balance. Intelligent automatic fire extinguishing devices are installed in the forklift's battery compartment, motor and other flammable parts to automatically detect fire. If a fire occurs, the temperature control switch can automatically sense and activate the fire extinguishing device, which can automatically detect and quickly extinguish the fire in the event of a fire, And continuously cool and suppress the protected area afterwards.

At the same time, in response to the situation where drivers are prone to driving fatigue under high temperatures, BYD Forklift optimizes the driving experience at the hardware level and equips the equipment with advanced ADAS advanced driving assistance system, which can detect and identify the working environment in real-time, effectively avoiding people and vehicles in blind spots, and effectively improving the operational safety factor.

Green solutions for future changes.

With the support of hard core technology, BYD Forklift has continuously expanded its product layout beyond lithium batteries, launching products with different energy technology routes such as hybrid forklifts and hydrogen fuel cell forklifts to meet the differentiated needs of different enterprises. In the low-carbon and energy-saving strategy created by BYD Forklift for global enterprises, the upgrading of handling equipment is only the first step. The overall solution of automation and intelligence is to reduce personnel and increase efficiency for enterprises, and the innovation of logistics processes is the top priority in the future.

In recent years, BYD Forklift has continuously launched various AGV intelligent handling robots, including forward moving, counterweight, and traction types. In conjunction with the fleet management system based on the Internet of Things, it has built an automated, digital, and intelligent efficient material handling solution to reduce human and energy consumption in the enterprise's warehousing and logistics processes, and achieve green handling through technological innovation, Helping enterprise users with emission reduction challenges.

The impact of climate change has had a profound impact on the entire world, and this impact will accompany humanity for a long time, but this does not mean that there will be no turning point in the future.

UN Secretary General Guterres emphasized that we can still prevent the worst from happening. BYD Forklift is taking practical actions to assist global enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction, empowering the industry with electrification and digital technology to move towards new development, and putting green logistics on the wings of sustainable development for humanity.Editor/Gao Li Mei


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