China plans to build 6,000 kilometers of railway lines in Algeria

Seetao 2023-09-01 11:02
  • Absolute priority is given to the implementation of the 280-kilometer-long project to transport phosphate to the port of Annaba
  • And the more than 800 km long iron ore transport line project linking the Gara Djebilet mine with Bechar
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The President of the Republic of Algeria, Mr. Abdel-majid Tebben, said that strengthening rail transport is the "best guarantee for development" of the country, especially in the southern region, adding that Algeria will launch a program with Chinese partners to build some 6,000 kilometers of rail lines.

In a regular interview with state media representatives broadcast on state television and radio, the president of the Republic said that "strengthening the railway sector is the best guarantee for development," stressing that "our Chinese friends have agreed to this project, which will cover about 6,000 kilometers."

President Tebon praised China's experience in this area, saying, "We will study together before the project is launched," adding, "The railway line to Tamanrasset will promote mining, stimulate trade and create economic dynamism for the benefit of the people."

As part of the plan, "absolute priority" will be given to the implementation of the 280-kilometre-long project to transport phosphate to Annaba port and the more than 800-kilometre-long iron ore transport line to link the Gara Djebilet mine with Bechar, President Tebon said, stressing the importance of speedy completion.

Among the projects arranged under this plan, the President of the Republic mentioned the nearly 600km railway connection between Baikal and Adrar.

President Turbon explained that the advantages of rail transport include: saving time, reducing environmental impact, costing less than road transport, and opening up the areas through which trains pass. Editor/Xu Shengpeng


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