Longyan Railway Urbanization Renovation Project Officially Signed

Seetao 2023-09-04 11:36
  • The estimated total investment of the project is about 9.3 billion yuan, and the total operating length is about 76.8km
  • The project plans to build 8 new stations and renovate 7 stations
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Recently, a reporter from Jiandao Network learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau that the municipal transformation project of the Longyan Railway has officially been signed. The project is jointly funded and constructed by Shandong Railway Investment Holding Group and Yantai Rail Transit Group. It is a major measure to adjust the railway transportation structure, promote ecological priority and green development, and aims to create a green and low-carbon mode of transportation.

At present, the urbanization transformation project of the Longyan Railway has been included in the national "14th Five Year Plan" for railway development. The estimated total investment of the project is about 9.3 billion yuan, and the total operating length is about 76.8km. It is planned to add an airport branch line and Penglai branch line, build 8 new stations, and renovate 7 stations, connecting Zhifu District, Fushan District, Huanghai Bohai New Area, and Penglai District, serving commuter passenger flow, airport passenger flow, ferry passenger flow, and tourism passenger flow along the line. The construction of this project fully utilizes existing railway channel resources, activates existing assets, and excavates railway energy, which is of great significance for developing green transportation and achieving sustainable development.

After the completion of the project, the travel from the urban area to the airport will be shortened to 25 minutes, improving the close connection between Zhifu District, Fushan District, Huangbohai New Area, and Penglai District, accelerating the flow of talent resources within the region, effectively promoting horizontal network connections within the city, enhancing connectivity among various districts and cities within the city, accelerating the formation of an internal public transportation cycle, and achieving mutual benefit in tourism, transportation connectivity, industry promotion, and public services among all districts, Furthermore, opening up the development framework of the central urban area, enhancing its agglomeration, primacy, and core competitiveness, is conducive to optimizing and strengthening the central urban area, promoting the upgrading of urban energy levels and quality, and creating an important growth pole in the Jiaodong Economic Circle. Editor/Zhao E


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