The Kuwaiti dinar shows the central bank's new headquarters building

Seetao 2023-09-13 10:04
  • The Central Bank of Kuwait is a landmark on the local currency
  • China State Construction Group Co., Ltd. contributed to the local construction
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The new headquarters building of the Central Bank of Kuwait was constructed by the Kuwait Representative Office of China State Construction Engineering Corporation. A boutique project completed by China Construction in the Middle East Gulf region, with a contract amount of about 420 million US dollars, has become a new landmark building in Kuwait after completion, and its architectural pattern has been printed on the Kuwaiti national currency. After eight years of hard work, China Construction team successfully completed the project and contributed to the local engineering construction. This large Chinese-built project is also printed on the local currency as a landmark building, becoming a beautiful Chinese business card. Editor/GaoLiMei


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