Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Industry empowers future water conservancy pattern
Seetao 2023-10-09 10:29
  • Qinglong Pipe Industry has injected vitality into the water conservancy projects of countries along the rout
  • Qinglong Pipe Industry actively responds to the national strategy and supports the Belt and Road Initiative
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From September 21 to 24, 2023, the 6th China-Arab Expo was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. As a national and international comprehensive expo, the China-Arab Expo continues to promote economic, trade and investment exchanges and cooperation between China and countries and regions building the Belt and Road, including Arab countries, and has become an important platform for China and Arab countries to build the Belt and Road.

As the first local listed private enterprise in Ningxia to participate in this exhibition, during the interview with Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd., we learned that the company’s participation in large-scale key projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project are milestones in the company’s development. , is also an important step in China’s water conservancy industry. Now let us go into Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Industry and learn about the story behind this traditional manufacturing company rooted in the northwest.

Pursue dreams tenaciously and serve national strategic projects

Qinglong Pipe Industry was established in 1975 with investment from the former Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power. It was once affiliated to the Ningxia Water Resources Department and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. We are committed to becoming a professional service provider that provides a full life cycle of water transportation and conservation from engineering consulting, design, pipeline products, engineering construction, informatization, smart irrigation to detection, monitoring, restoration, operation and other fields.

Wherever major national projects are deployed, Qinglong’s pipelines will be laid. In the middle line of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the North Hubei Water Resources Allocation Project, the Xinjiang ABH Basin Water Diversion Project, the Shanxi Great Water Network Project, the Gansu University Diversion Project into the Qin Dynasty, the Ningxia 1236 Poverty Alleviation and Yellow River Project, the Yanhuan Ding Yellow River Project, and the Central and Southern Ningxia Human Drinking It has won the trust of users in hundreds of national and provincial key projects such as safety projects, and is known as the king of management in the northwest. In each of the national key water conservancy projects, the pipeline products of Qinglong Pipe Industry have played a key role in ensuring the safe transportation of water resources, benefiting hundreds of millions of people.

Professional strength, industry model

Qinglong Pipe Industry adheres to the lofty vision of a century-old project, takes President Xi Jinping’s words as a guide, integrates the spirit of craftsmanship into the corporate culture, and strives to create a future legend for China’s water conservancy industry.

As an enterprise with profound technical accumulation and rich practical experience, Qinglong Pipe Industry has Grade A design qualifications for the water conservancy industry and Grade A qualifications for China's irrigation and drainage enterprises, and has won the Dayu Award for China's water conservancy quality projects.

At present, it has undertaken hundreds of national, provincial and municipal key engineering projects, and provided users with more than 600 large and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower project planning, consulting, surveying, design and other services. More than 80 achievements have won scientific and technological achievement awards and excellent design awards at provincial and ministerial levels or above. Among them, the Yellow River Shapotou Water Conservancy Project won the National Gold Award for Excellent Design, the National Silver Award for Excellent Surveying, and the National Gold Award for Excellent Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project Survey and Design. These honors are not only recognition of the company's unremitting efforts, but also a firm commitment to the century-old project.

In 2022, the company's operating income will reach 2 billion yuan for four consecutive years, marking Qinglong Pipe Industry's leading position in the field of water transmission and conservation. Qinglong Pipe Industry has always adhered to the quality concept of quality-oriented and excellence, and is committed to providing customers with safer, more efficient, and greener water transmission and conservation solutions.

Qinglong Pipe Industry actively responds to the national strategy, supports the Belt and Road Initiative, participates in South-to-North Water Diversion, and stands out in large-scale key projects. As Peter Drucker said, the future does not wait for us, it is created by us. Qinglong people have used their own efforts to write a glorious chapter in China's water conservancy and contributed to the realization of the Chinese dream.

In the future, Qinglong Pipe Industry will continue to move forward and create a more brilliant tomorrow. As President Xi Jinping said: The new era calls for new achievements, and the new journey is inspiring. Ningxia Qinglong Pipe Industry will surely create new brilliance in China’s water conservancy industry. . Editor/GaoLiMei


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