1.5 million tons/year mining and beneficiation project started
Seetao 2023-10-26 11:59
  • The project covers an area of 6.79 square kilometers and has a total investment of 626 million yuan
  • The project includes the construction of an underground mining production system, expansion, renovation, and improvement of the existing beneficiation production system
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On October 20, 2023, the Huangmailing Phosphorus Chemical 1.5 million ton/year underground mining and beneficiation project under Hubei Huangmailing Holding Group Co., Ltd. began construction in Dawu County.

This project is an underground replacement project for the Huangmailing Phosphorus Chemical open-pit phosphate mining. The mining area where the project is located is 13 kilometers south of Dawu County, covering an area of 6.79 square kilometers. The project includes the construction of underground mining production systems, expansion, renovation, and improvement of existing mineral processing production systems. The total investment of the project is 626 million yuan, and it is planned to be completed within 2 years. After the project is completed, it will produce 444600 tons of phosphorus concentrate and 87400 tons of sulfur concentrate annually, driving employment for over 260 people.

The construction of this project will effectively alleviate the bottleneck problem of insufficient phosphorus resource supply in Huangmailing Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd., and provide resource guarantee for enterprise cost reduction, efficiency increase, and high-quality development.

After 50 years of development, Huangmailing Phosphorus Chemical has grown into a large modern comprehensive phosphorus chemical enterprise that integrates mineral resources, new fertilizers, fine chemicals, and new materials. It has become one of the five major phosphorus fertilizer production bases in China, and is listed among the top 500 petrochemical enterprises and top 50 fertilizer enterprises in China. It produces over 1 million tons of fertilizer annually, with an annual revenue exceeding 3.5 billion yuan. It has made important contributions to increasing agricultural production, increasing farmers' income, and revitalizing the development of revolutionary old areas.

It is reported that Huangmailing Holdings Group Co., Ltd. will focus on the three major tracks of new fertilizers, new materials, and low-carbon industries, expand the industrial chain, extend the value chain, and connect the integration chain, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. Editor/Zhao E


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