Construction of the Ezhou Garden Expo Park Project in Hubei Province
Seetao 2023-10-27 18:05
  • The total investment of this project is 2.35 billion yuan, and it is expected to officially open in October 2025
  • This project covers an area of 113.37 hectares and plans to construct two functional areas: a commercial area and an exhibition area
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On October 26, 2023, the key project of the Fourth Hubei Provincial Garden Expo - Ezhou Garden Expo Park officially began construction. After completion, this project will empower urban development, accelerate the integration of culture and tourism in Ezhou, and become a new engine for the development of tourism economy in the Wuhan metropolitan area.

Ezhou Garden Expo Park Project

The Ezhou Yuanbo Garden project is located south of the main urban area, adjacent to the Geshan Scenic Area to the north, adjacent to Ezhou Avenue to the east, and Guangshan Road to the west. The exits of Wu'e Expressway and Wuhuang Expressway are not more than 2 kilometers away from the main entrance of Yuanbo Garden. Covering an area of 113.37 hectares, the project has a total investment of 2.35 billion yuan.

This project plans to construct two major functional areas: a supporting commercial area and a core exhibition area. The supporting commercial area covers an area of 30.9 hectares, including a themed resort hotel with a total construction area of 15700 square meters, built according to the four-star standard; A cultural IP themed commercial street with a total construction area of 29800 square meters; A supporting service area with a total construction area of 30500 square meters, integrating functions such as parent-child vacation homestays, creative workshops, and folk culture exhibitions. The core exhibition area covers an area of 82.47 hectares, including 17 city and state exhibition parks, 18 counties, enterprises, and creative exhibition parks, a main exhibition hall with a total construction area of 8000 square meters, as well as other supporting service facilities and public service attractions.

Ezhou Garden Expo is a key project of the 4th Hubei Provincial Garden Expo. Its construction aims to promote urban development, improve urban quality, and promote the development of the cultural and tourism industry. The theme of the park is "Landscape Architecture · Beautiful Ezhou", which will fully showcase the historical culture, cultural landscapes, and natural scenery of Ezhou.

In other words, the project plans to complete land leveling by December 2023, followed by the construction and exhibition of the park by June 2025. From June to August 2025, the park will begin trial operation to ensure its official opening in October 2025. At that time, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in a garden expo with Ezhou characteristics and experience the unique culture and natural scenery of the region. This project will not only enhance the tourism image of Ezhou, but also promote the development of the local economy. Editor/Zhao E


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