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State Energy Group Shengli Phase III Expansion Project Officially Commences
Seetao 2023-10-30 11:05
  • Project duration of 24 months, expected annual power generation of 3.3 billion kWh upon completion
  • The total planned investment of the project is 2.782 billion yuan, covering multiple fields of coal, electricity and transportation
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On 24 October 2023, the State Energy Group held a centralized commencement ceremony for the fourth batch of key projects, with the Victory Phase III second 1x660MW unit expansion project also participating in the event. The implementation of this expansion project will not only greatly relieve the heating pressure in the relevant area, but also reduce the emission of pollutants and reduce energy consumption, thus promoting green, low carbon and high-quality development of the area.

The project is an integrated demonstration project of the National Energy Group, covering various fields such as coal, electricity and transportation. The total investment of the project is expected to be about 2.782 billion yuan, with an annual power generation capacity of 3.3 billion kilowatt hours, while being able to provide 7.72 million GJ of heat per year and 152 t/h of steam needed by industry.

Liu Guoyue, the Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group Company, expressed sincere thanks and cordial greetings to all units and personnel involved in the construction and development of the project at the commencement ceremony. He stressed that the concentrated commencement of the key power projects is a key step for the Group Company to promote green transformation and high-quality development of enterprises under the development path of "four guarantees and one major", and also a pragmatic policy for the Group Company to boost the growth and quality of the macro economy under the political responsibility of the energy central enterprises. This reflects the Group's commitment to a new strategy for energy security, as well as its determination and confidence to fully safeguard national energy security.

The project has a 24 month duration and is scheduled to reach production by the end of 2025. After commissioning, the average annual standard coal consumption is expected to be 241.3 g/kWh, the average annual power plant consumption is 3.05%, the equivalent annual utilization hours of the units are 4500 hours, and the average annual plant thermal efficiency is 67.23%.

All staff of the Victory Preparation Office of the National Energy Group have stated that they will, under the correct leadership of the Group Company and Shandong Company, strive to achieve a high standard of up to standard production, and strive to achieve the optimum of various indicators. Promise to ensure safe and stable operation for a long period after commissioning, and strive to win the first prize of excellent project in electric power industry and gold prize of national high-quality project.  Editor/Yang Yang


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