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Guangxi Beiliu Power Grid Construction Project Commences
Seetao 2023-11-01 17:18
  • Yulin will build and renovate 70.28 kilometers of 10 kV lines and 258.33 kilometers of 0.4 kV lines
  • The commencement of this project will effectively promote the integration of local independent power grids into the large power grid for operation
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On October 27, 2023, the power grid construction project in Dali Town, Beiliu City, Guangxi officially started construction, marking a new stage in the reform of the power supply area in Dali Town. This is also another major breakthrough for the Guangxi Yulin Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid to deepen the implementation of state-owned enterprise reform and enhance the operation, effectively promoting the integration of local independent power grids into the large power grid, thereby improving the electricity consumption experience of the people in the Yulin independent power supply area.

It is understood that due to historical legacy issues, Dali Town has long implemented an independent power supply system. Since the rural power grid renovation in 2003, the power supply line equipment in Dali Town has been severely aging, with inadequate equipment operation and maintenance, high failure rate, and difficulty in raising maintenance funds. The average household capacity of the people is only 0.9 kilovolt amperes, far below the average level of Yulin City, seriously affecting the normal production and life of 57600 people in the town, Constrained the local economic construction and development.

In this situation, Yulin Power Supply Bureau firmly implements the deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to implement the rural revitalization strategy, especially since the deepening and improvement of state-owned enterprise reform in 2023, a special attack has been carried out on the local independent power supply area power grid. As early as July this year, an independent power supply area management transfer agreement was signed with the Dali Town Government. According to the agreement, Yulin Power Supply Bureau actively coordinates special funds and various resources, focusing on the upgrading and renovation of the power grid and household meters. The total investment is expected to be over 78 million yuan, with 70.28 kilometers of new and renovated 10 kV lines, 258.33 kilometers of 0.4 kV lines, and 110 new and renovated transformers. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. After completion, the average household capacity of the power supply area in Dali Town is expected to reach 2.5 kilovolt amperes, benefiting 12 villages in Dali Town. With strong and reliable power grid support, it will serve the high-quality development of Dali Town's economy and society. Frequent power outages, low voltage, and other phenomena in the town will also become a history.

According to statistics, this is the second independent power supply area promoted by Yulin Power Supply Bureau since 2023. In order to provide people in independent power supply areas with peace of mind and peace of mind electricity, since 2023, Yulin Power Supply Bureau has continuously played a role in reforming and tackling the reform of independent power supply areas, maintaining close communication with local governments, continuously seeking the best solution to the reform of the power supply system in independent power supply areas, effectively promoting consensus with the government, and assisting in the implementation and effectiveness of the reform. Editor/Zhao E


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