Global trade was already booming thousands of years ago
Seetao 2023-11-02 14:26
  • Ningxia reappears the glory of the Silk Road, and today the Belt and Road Initiative continues its glory
  • In Ningxia, an important Silk Road town, ancient coins and national treasure glass bowls jointly prove the glory of trade and the prosperity of the new era.
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Ningxia, located in northwest China, has historically been an important intersection of the ancient Silk Road. In recent years, Xiji County, Guyuan City has repeatedly unearthed precious Chinese and foreign coins from the Shang and Zhou dynasties. These cultural relics silently bear witness to the trade interaction and prosperity between the East and the West thousands of years ago.

Among the many products introduced to China through the Silk Road, the raised-nailed glass bowls of the Sasanian Dynasty are particularly eye-catching and are known as national treasures. Its unique style and exquisite craftsmanship clearly reveal the prosperity of the Silk Road trade and the blending of Eastern and Western cultures at that time.

Now, as China continues to promote the Belt and Road Initiative, Ningxia is once again at the forefront of Silk Road trade. A series of modern measures such as diversification of import and export commodities and facilitation of trade settlement methods have injected new vitality into Ningxia's Silk Road trade. The ancient Silk Road is shining brightly in the new era, and the grand Silk Road trade in Ningxia is reappearing in the wave of the times.

This version maintains the content of the original text, adds a description of the modern Belt and Road Initiative, and emphasizes timeliness. It also highlights the importance of Ningxia in ancient and modern Silk Road trade, as well as the organic connection between cultural relics and modern trade. (This article comes from the official website of and may not be reproduced without permission, otherwise it will be investigated. Please indicate + original link for reprinting) Mechanical Column Editor of Limei


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